StarsandPeacesigns wrote:

I have less than 73 chapters left to read of DiU. It's reeeeeeeally good! It's probably my second or third favorite part of JJBA now. And plus, I have gotten to the point where Sheer Heart Attack was seen and all I have to say is that it really does sound like one of Sailor Moon's attacks. Heck, if you add the word "pink" to it, you can easily pass it off as one of Sailor Chibi Moon's attacks.

So, here's a question: are you guys currently reading any manga series? If so, what are they about? Are they any good?

I'm reading Alice in the Country of Hearts at the moment, and it's basically Alice in Wonderland with a different plot (Wonderland is split into different territories with the only neutral point being the Clock Tower. In order to get home, Alice must aide the people of Wonderland in some game which will slowly refill the vial that she has).It's a really good series and i've seen the anime movie of it. Favourite character: Peter White, because HOT ANIME RABBIT GUY WITH WHITE HAIR

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