StarsandPeacesigns wrote:
I finally sat down and read chapter one of Tokyo Ghoul from the Viz Manga sampler that I got last week! It's really good and the art is really nice. In fact, I think that I might pick up volume one the next time I go to Barnes & Noble.

By the way, Liz, if you're reading this, I want to thank you! If I hadn't looked at your blog, I wouldn't have gotten interested in this series in the first place. Now, I really want to read the rest of it! Also, is Haikyuu! any good? I am thinking about either watching it or reading it. Thank you!!!

Haikyuu!! is, in one word, FANTASTIC! I definitely recommend it. You should totally watch it. The first season is 25 episodes long, plus there's an OVA. The second is due out in October. But yes, please watch it. PLEASE. (Kagehina is forever my OTP)

Aha, you're welcome. That's just my power, inspiring people with my mindless blogging (JK XD) but yeah, Tokyo Ghoul is pretty dang good. I've only read the first volume online, and seen the anime (both seasons) but it's definitely worth a watch.

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