StarsandPeacesigns wrote:
I just watched "Friend Ship"! I know that I should wait awhile before I write my thoughts on it but I can't help it! It's amazing! Here we go!:



  • THE MEME QUEEN IS BACK!!! Peridot was hilarious! I loved the scene where she was using her fingers to walk (I don't know how to describe it lol).
  • That scene where Garnet and Pearl got trapped was really sad at first. I also feel very sorry for Pearl. She really looked up to Garnet and she thought of herself as weak when really, she is very intelligent and sweet. I think that she might be my favorite gem now too!
  • Steven being nice to Peridot warms my heart!
  • I am so happy that Sardonyx appeared again! She's so cool!
  • I really wanted to see Peridot get trapped. Still, the ending was pretty good. I'm glad that Pearl and Garnet made up and that everything is ok.

All in all, it was an amazing episode! I can't wait for the next episode!!

Peridot is just a dork now to everyone XD Everyone at first was all "ooooh new antagionist" but now, everyone just loves her fingers and her laugh and smile XD I teared up at Pearl and Garnet (right in the feels)

Urgh I can't even. I need MOAR NOW!! I can't survive until the next one XD

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