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I also posted this on the Crystal discussion board, but I want to say it here also

My reaction to all these gosh darn Crystal rants

But I'm serious, guys. I'm sick of people ranting about Crystal. Stop beating up the dead horse because it's already dead, so stop. If the threads keep being piled up with people saying that Crystal is bad, I'm gonna leave the wiki for a couple days. I have another wiki to work on, anyway.

-coughcough- Sailor Cookie -coughcough-

Well, I don't mean to point fingers at anyone, but just this once, I'm going to. 

I think that pretty much all of us have been chill about Crystal, except for Quasi. I'm not saying Quasi is a bad guy, but yeah, I will admit that the rants drive me up a wall sometimes too. I still like him, he's a cool person. He just needs to understand that we have gotten the point since Day 2. That's all^^

But if you need to have a cooldown period and leave the wiki for a few days, that completely understandable. 

Yeah, I also hate pointing fingers. But look at the Crystal discussion for a minute and count how many times someone says they don't like Crystal. No, wait, don't. You'll be there for the entire day. And don't forget the comments >_< ughhhhhhhhh

As much as I hate pointing fingers and having to talk about one's wrong doings when they're not seeing it, I agree with you on Quasi (Sorry, Quasi)

I'm glad you understand that I'll need time to cool off if the ranting keeps going.

Well, I'm sure to say that these days will probably be ending soon, Music. Since there is no official news at all, the final episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be coming within a week and a half. And after a little while, all of the Crystal rants will decrease drastically. So let's all hope for the best and get back on track. 

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