IG has got a point, the classic anime was about the Senshi's friendship while the manga was romance themed. 

Anyway, just to add my opinion: The "Miracle Romance" was poorly written in the manga: Usagi and Mamoru were too perfect and never argued.Nothing happened with them. The original anime added conflict but a little too much (like that random break up arc). Like IG said, Mamoru hated Usagi until she awakened as Princess Serenity.It was only then he started acting like she meant the world to him. Mamoru did previously show care for Usagi through his alias as Tuxedo Mask but Tuxedo Mask was more of Endymion than Mamoru.

Crystal makes the romance WAAYYY annoying and constantly has to remind us they're in love, going so far as to degrade Minako and the others just to showcase it.

As much as i hate it, PGSM is the only version that portays the romance as it should be.It's more realistic.

With Rei, the manga version of her is kinda bland but it's better than the straight up b*tch from 90's Moon.I might have liked Rei in Crystal if they had just dropped the romance for a moment and showed her personality.

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