Hey guys, sorry i haven't been on in awhile. It's not that i've been busy or anything it's largely for these two reasons:

1.SKOOL BLOK FEST. I have done everything to get rid of this problem. I've downloaded proxy tools, Google Chrome extensions, eve went to the teacher in charge or this stupid bungled mess to get them to unblock the sites. Since the teacher hates me, he refused to unblock them so now i'm stuck with blocked internet and nothind to do during lunchtime.

2.I've been feeling a little forgotten on here. You guys all seemed to remember Elle's birthday but not mine. and since my birthday was a sh*t fest of a day i thought that maybe you guys would remembered. I know it's silly and immature to complain but May wasn't a good month (neither was April. At least in April i had something to look forward to.Good news is that June is going really well)

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