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Ugh Pretty Cure,some I like. But I feel like there whole serise full cliches.
And the only Magical Girl show I actually would say is a rip off of Sailor Moon. Heck they even have Pretty Cure Seeds as the source of their powers!
Ever saw a wedding Peach? I think that one has a lot of imilaritise too Sailormoon. In fact to me it feels like a ripoff mix to Sailor moon,and Kanutze Jeane.
This again?! Really?!

Please, tell me how they are ripping off Sailor Moon, other than the Pretty Cure Seeds (which only appeared in Heartcatch! btw), a couple of main characters with blonde hair, and being a magical girl series in general.

And by the way, those aren't really legitimate reasons to call PreCure a Sailor Moon ripoff.

Oh, and PMMM actually has something similar to Sailor Crystals and Pretty Cure Seeds. They are called Soul Gems. Now, does PMMM ripoff Sailor Moon? No, not at all.



Honestly, series are similar, but so are like half of the shonen series out there - they all seem to follow a similar format and plot - young male wants to be the greatest, despite in competence, and with best buddy/frienemy and girl, with many others along the way, he attempts to conquer the world. 

No one seems to complain about them, so why complain about a bunch of series similar in format. That's just the basic format of the shows of that genre. 

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