Musicthepegasus wrote:

AnimeOtaku13 wrote:

StarsandPeacesigns wrote:
No need for that Liz. I already blocked her for a month. If it happens again, then I'll block her for six months.

Then again, I have a feeling that people here might think that I'm being too soft on her. Who thinks that I should extend it to six months instead of waiting to do it the next time it happens?

Oops, seems like I have been out of the loop for long XD

But I think six months is good the next time. It's been a long time, we've asked her to stop 1,000 times, and she still won't listen, so six months is a proper "punishment" in a way. 

I feel we should block her for a month, and if she repeats one more time, 6 months is good.

but to be honest I think we all here want it to be for infinity years </div>

I also think she should be blocked for infinity (or at the very least 300 years)

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