StarsandPeacesigns wrote:
Ok, I have only heard about this girl yesterday but I am still mad over the whole thing...

So, does anyone know who Bahar Mustafa is? She's a diversity officer as London's GSU and well, she's not only racist but she's also sexist. For example, she threw an event that only BME (black and minority ethnic) and non-binary people could attend and said that white people, as well as men in general, could not attend. She also retweeted the hashtags #killallmen and #misandry. And guess what? She still has her job and a lot of supporters. Not to mention the fact that she defended herself by saying that she can't be racist since she's an ethnic minority woman.

The sad part is that I'm not even joking about that.

Excuse me, but why is this happening?! Seriously, just because you're a woman that happens to a so-called "POC" does not mean you can't be racist and sexist! Why does she even have a job? Are they really stupid enough to keep that little bigot around?

I'm sorry, I just had to vent because UGH.

Yeah, there's a limit to everything, and she's sort of pushed things over the limit. Sure people can have their preferences, but you can't be too extreme in front of others. 

I'm sure diversity officer means you should have the acceptance to all people, not just a certain number. 

Killing is taking it way over the limit too. We should not "kill" anyone honestly. 

I honestly also don't want to argue, but she is plain ridiculous. 

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