Imaginationgirl wrote:
UsagiTsukinoChan wrote:
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Ok, for starters, the 90's anime isn't as bad as those manga worshippers make out to be. I even dare say it's better than the original source material. Second, just because these random trolls are hating on Crystal doesn't mean you have to go weirdly radical and delete all your episodes. When i stopped liking Barbie i donated all of my dolls to charity instead of ripping them up.

When are these people gonna grow up?

Okay UTC don't pay his post any attention,he just wants to start drama.As a Crystal,and manga fan,i'll never delete the classic for my computer. Or do something so childilish.Classic is my least favorite version.These people just want to start fdrama,so don't pay them any mind.

Man i don't understand people at all. I wonder how old that person even is

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