Imaginationgirl wrote:
UsagiTsukinoChan wrote:
I'm so guilty of this it's not even funny
Anyway, so what if people are bias? We're all going to be at some point in our lives. Maybe i'm just becoming overly sensative lately, but i had to reply to this. And i think you have it kinda wrong. People defend Mamoru and bash Demande, not the other way around! 

Okay UTC listen,peopl do bashed Crystal Mamorou. I saw a lot of people call him a creep,and other things.You know that kiss scene,in the Dark kingdom arc. People never let go of that.I'm just saying thoes same people are probaly not going to say anything about Dedemon with the next episode comes.Because they liked the character

There aren't many people who hate Mamoru so i doubt anyone is gonna bring him up next episode. Instead everyone will be going "WTF WHY DID TOEI KEEP THIS ON OMG SO CREEEPPYYYY!" over that whole rape kiss thing

Never mind.....

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