Imaginationgirl wrote:
Okay. y you know whats going to be funn  The same people who sas Crytal Mamorou is a creep,are noyt going tos say a word Dedemond . I know this,because thats a chaacter they like,.  now lets  review. If its a character they like,they wuld escuse everything. That vcharacter has done.But if its a character they on't like,.There extremeing  hard on the character.And if a character they like dies,thy would bring out a soxcial justuce issue. This happen with the Akayashi sisters,where people insist they onlydd    d ied cause there female.But these same people had no quarl when Esmerda died. So yes favortism,clouds peopl judgement.
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I'm so guilty of this it's not even funny

Anyway, so what if people are bias? We're all going to be at some point in our lives. Maybe i'm just becoming overly sensative lately, but i had to reply to this. And i think you have it kinda wrong. People defend Mamoru and bash Demande, not the other way around! 

I'm not sure what else to say about this that won't involve me going all firey on you, 'cause you really don't deserve it.Ginger crackers, sometimes i wish i didn't feel so strongly about these things because it always causes me to get into arguments and debates with people. SIGH

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