Imaginationgirl wrote:
Okay. y you know whats going to be funn  The same people who sas Crytal Mamorou is a creep,are noyt going tos say a word Dedemond . I know this,because thats a chaacter they like,.  now lets  review. If its a character they like,they wuld escuse everything. That vcharacter has done.But if its a character they on't like,.There extremeing  hard on the character.And if a character they like dies,thy would bring out a soxcial justuce issue. This happen with the Akayashi sisters,where people insist they onlydd    d ied cause there female.But these same people had no quarl when Esmerda died. So yes favortism,clouds peopl judgement.
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I'm so guilty of this it's not even funny
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