Imaginationgirl wrote:
There reasons that I don't like the yaoi,and Yuri fanfics.Don't get me wrong  there some that  are good has a plot,and a story.But most are smut,but there one thing I despose n the fandom.The rape fics,you'll be surprised,how many of them igsist. The trend is simple,one character rapes the other character. Then the pther in the end ends up enjoying it,or falling in love with the attacker.  Just NO NO NO NO NO NO.  Its not realisytic at all.I f you were rape  you would hate it,and  feel disgusted.You would not fall in love with your abuser.Unlerss your sick,this is not hot.

Well, that's that. I guess i'm classified under the "sicko's" then.Am i the only one in the whole universe who is pretty open minded to these sort of fanfics? 

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