So, tonight's episode "Dungeons, Dungeons, and Dungeons" it was pretty ok. I guess since the last two episodes were pretty serious that they were trying to lighten it up while they can before the big finale comes along eventually. 


  • Pros were definitely the Ford/Dipper bonding, because nerd power. I liked that. Pretty good stuff!
  • Grunkle Stan and Mabel laughing over "buttress" and making duck noises = *thumbs up*
  • How everyone guess about the Ducktective ending was hilarious XD
  • Sheriff Blubs, Toby, Deputy Durland, and Soos playing cardboard games ("I'm a fortress")
  • Ford disassembled the portal, it was probably bound to happen
  • The dimensional rift ball, for some reason that reeks of Bill coming.
  • Kudos for them having gotten Weird Al on the show.
  • I kind of thought the con was that, this episode was kind of... uh, missing something? Like I said above, I can understand why this episode isn't so serious, but it didn't have enough meat in it per se. I guess they could've lengthened Probabilitor's screentime more and made it more, I dunno, engaging? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'd give it like a "B" or a 7.5/10

Still excited for the next episode though

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