Imaginationgirl wrote:
AnimeOtaku13 wrote:
The four Inners are put on the sidelines this episode, so it only makes sense on why you didn't feel that they didn't exist. 

I agree with the more screentime, Music. Even though I'm still 50/50 on another season or not, it would be cool if they adapted the sides stories, because they give the character development, while the main series sort of goes to Usagi 85% of the time, since she is the protagionist. 

I hope we get dreams,eryone got development in that arc.

According to Viz, Episode 26 is the final episode of Crystal. I also have mixed feelings about the other arcs being adapted. On one hand, theres Outer Senshi hype but then again i don't want Crystal to ruin the beautiful Dream arc with it's QUALITY animation.

I will say i am dissapointed in Crystal. While it's supposed to stick close to the manga, it's become an exact copy now. What they should have done is update the manga storyline

DK Arc:

Keep the generals alive but not make SxS canon. Instead leave subtle hints

Expand on Venus' role as the decoy. It's really silly how she shows up in one chapter then BAM Usagi becomes the princess. Either expand it or remove it all together

Expand on the Silver Millenium

Black Moon Arc:

Only have one or two of the Senshi kidnapped. It really irks me how none of them learn from their past battles and fall into the exact same trap. Are the Senshi that stupid?

Show tension. Show them struggle as they attempt to find their friends instead of playing games at an arcade

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