AnimeOtaku13 wrote:
I know what you mean, Elle. I agree. At first, everyone was going "Awww yeah-uh! We getting a new SM anime! Nostalgia, miracle romance!"

And now it's all "Ew, gross. This destroy feminism, this promotes feminism. THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER!"

It's ridiculous. I don't think that SM is supposed to promote anything, just give a story about a cute junior high school girl who gains powers from a talking cat to transform into a female guardian.

I seriously hope people lighten up if this second season thing is true, that we're getting the Infinity arc, the Dream arc, and the Stars arc. But, sadly, it will most likely not because people can just be dang stupid sometimes.

THANK YOU LIZ. People are missing the point of Sailor Moon. it wasn't created to promote anything!

I was annoyed about the season 2 announcement at first but now i'm starting to lighten up about it. At least Dream will get justice and not be THE CHIBIUSA SHOW!

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