LenardSalceda wrote:
UsagiTsukinoChan wrote:
Even though this was Pluto-chan's episode, i'm afraid i'm going to have to give it a 60%

Why you might ask? Well, heres why:

The animation is super wonky and is constantly barfing in our faces

Why is everyones face shadowed in this episode? And why was everyone silhouetted

Luna keeps staring at the door during her flashback, not once turning to face Queen Serenity

Wiseman has become downright laughable

Chibiusa's princess gown. WHY WHY is is Princess Serenity's gown? And what the h*ll are those orange things doing on the side of her head?

Though there are some pros, although not many:




Pluto and Chibiusa moments

They got rid of the implications in the kitchen floor scene

I'm just hoping Toei isn't up to their old tricks again. Things better pick up by episode 21. If they screw that episode up, i will die

No no good sir, this episode had really good animation, my favorite one yet

Shadowing their bodies/faces gives it a touch of dramatic-"ness" and mystery, you know?

She keeps on looking at the door because she's curious, if someone told you to forget something you would bothered by the question "Why?"

For me, I like Wiseman's voice (it does sound similar to Wombat's from Bouiebu, though) it gives off that jester-like tone like, it almost sounds like he's mocking the BMC or Demande himself!

That’s exactly what I’m hoping for, yes!  That Usagi was projecting onto her OR that, given that Chibi-Usa knows her mother’s dress, that’s what she’s currently picturing herself as.

 In this episode we even see Neo-Queen Serenity’s dress,And Chibi-Usa’s imagination is modeled after it in SMC: VERSUS what her manga dress actually looks like, And this is an important distinction because Chibi-Usa is not a clone of her mother, for all that she takes after her very much.  Her hair style is different, her hair color is different, her dress is different, even her Sailor Crystal isn’t the Silver Crystal, hers is the Pink Moon Crystal. Chibi-Usa is her own person, not just a copy of her mother.  This is one of the issues Chibi-Usa has, her entire arc at this point is revolving around her feelings of insecurity and failure and not being able to live up to her mother’s legacy.

Right now, she doesn’t have that sense of individuality!  Right now she’s not ready to form such a solid sense of self to have the Pink Moon Crystal or her princess dress.  There’s a bit point made about how she can’t manifest her crescent mark and the other kids teased her about not really being a princess for it.

So of course, at this point of the story, Chibi-Usa is still trying to throw herself into the mold of her mother’s.  Of course she imagines herself in her mother’s dress, because she’s trying so hard to be Just Like Her Mom instead of being herself.

It makes total sense to me that she’d project that gold/white dress here instead of her own pink one, because she hasn’t found her identity yet.

Those are decorations sweetie

About the Kitchen Floor scene, it may look awkward and doesn't really imply some "doing-the-do" action, but it does imply a heavy make-out session.

If someone was talking to me, i'd at least be polite enough to turn and face them!

The dress thing has finally begun to make sense, thank you

With Wiseman, if he has that voice during the final battle he's gonna sound sooooo stupid. Whatever, i'm not even gonna watch episodes 26,25 and 24

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