'Tis the end of the SMC series. Man, it's already been a year? Impressive.

Mmmm, so the end of Sailor Moon Crystal was pretty much like the manga. I felt that the final battle with just SM, TM, and SCM went too fast. Also, there was wonky animation (of course). But it was satisfying. I did tear up at the ChibiusaxNQS and ChibiusaxUsagi touching moments. And we got to see the Inners granted "Planet Powers" and Usagi got her upgrade.

I'd give the end a 7.5/10. It didn't wow me, but I enjoyed it.

From the feeling and message that we got, there may be a second season in the future. Personally, I'm on the fence, like if there is a second season, I'll watch, but then again, if there isn't, I won't be sad. 

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