Welp, that was weird. Last night i had a dream that is was Halloween and i entered this huge best dressed contest. I didn't win, so i went back in time and saw my past self (who was dressed up as Princess Elyon for some reason). I went and talked to her (it played out similiar to the scene where SM meets Neo Queen Serenity from SMC). That caused time paradox, and i was left in some void before being teleported to a Target (ok why am i dreaming about Target lately) and trying to jump scare my friends.

That was the weirdest of my dreams last night. The other ones included me being a sailor on a ship and putting oil into gas tanks, and some dream involving Laito and Reiji from Diabolik Lovers.

I kept waking up in between dreams. One time when i woke up i found out i was lying diagonal

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