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Bloody Dracul Vampire
Japanese: ブラッディ・ドラクル・ヴァンピール
Romanji: Buraddi Dorakuru Vanpiru
Aliases: Bloody Dhampir Dracul, Vampir
Residency: Transylvania

Count Dracul (father), Le Fay (mother), Olam Tiphareth (stepmother)


De Brinvilliers, Baron Gilles de Rais, Lilith of Darkness


Dracul Family

Gender: Female
Species: Dhampir
First Appearance
Live Action: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Decisive Battle / Transylvania's Forest - New Appearance! The Guardians Who Protect Chibi Moon -
Live Action Played By: Hikari Ono

Bloody Dracul Vampir (commonly subtitled as Vampiru) is a character from the Sailor Moon musicals. She appears in Transylvania no Mori, its revision and Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin. She is mentioned in passing in the prior musical but does not appear and her name here is stated to be Bloody Vampir Dracul once, though later she is referred to as normal.


She is the daughter of Count Dracul, a vampire, and Le Fay, a human woman. Because of this she is a vampire yet unable to drink human blood and also the only one able to truly destroy a vampire; both of these are minor plot points. She is also able to turn a vampire back into human, as she does with Sailor Uranus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter.

When Vampir first appears in Transylvania no Mori, she is an antagonist, allying herself with Lilith of Darkness, and is out for revenge on the Sailor Guardians for killing her father. She also seeks the Silver Crystal in order to revive her mother. Despite this she dislikes her father, because she believes he allowed her mother to kill herself. When the true cause of her mother's death (Le Fay's own father killing her for falling in love with a vampire), and that Dracul is still alive are both revealed, she switches sides and aids the Sailor Guardians in the fight with Dark Cain and Death Vulcan, even fighting alongside them in battle.

In Transylvania no Mori she is dressed in a black robe or dress and a black cloak, the latter which has a multicolored border. In her appearance in Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin she's wearing more modern clothing, namely a pair of jeans T-shirt, t-shirt (possibly long sleeved) and a jacket. In either outfit only her head and hands are actually visible. Her physical traits remain the same however, being pale with long red hair that reaches the middle of her back.

Despite living in Transylvania she speaks perfect Japanese the entire musical.


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