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Stxrrynights240 Stxrrynights240 4 June

Sailor Moon reference in G1 DC Superhero Girls episode?

I was rewatching the original DC Superhero Girls web series and while watching the Season 5 episode "Haunted Harley", there's this one scene of Harley Quinn in the detention room yelling "Evil spirits, be gone!"

Is this a reference to one of Mars' attacks?

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Spoty Bunny Dubs Spoty Bunny Dubs 27 February

Sailor Moon (Xandrosalese dub)

This is a fanmade dub in an invented language.

Name: Luna Guarriara

  • 1 Info
  • 2 Cast
  • 3 Changes
  • 4 Attacks and transformations

Dubbing Studio: A-STUDIO

Recording Dates: Jan. 1999 - Feb. 1999

Airdate: 21 Jun. 1999 - 5 Ago. 1999 (TV1), 1 Jan. 2010 - 10 Jan. 2011 (TV2), 10 Jan. 2011 - 14 Mar. 2011 (Kids TV), 1 Jan. 2020 - 2 Sep. 2020 (Junior TV), 1 Jan. 2021 - 7 Apr. 2021 (TEEN.TV)

Channels: TV1 (1999 - 2009, 2013 - 2015), TV2 (2010 - 2013), Kids TV (2011 - ), Junior TV (2020 - 2021), TEEN.TV (2021 - )

  • The Dark Kingdom was called "Governataland Obscurial".
  • Japanese text is often replaced with Xandrosalese one.
  • Titlecards are skipped and the episode title appears over the first scen for a few seconds.
  • The OP footage is changed.
  • Umino flipping Haruna's skirt in EP2 i…

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Wiserabbit Wiserabbit 9 February

Minako Aino has a reference to the Goddess of Love and Beauty Aphrodite/Venus

Minako Aino has some strong references to the mythical goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite/Venus 💕

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Kittybags Kittybags 8 November 2021

Sera Myu images

So I come back to the wiki cause I'm in the mood for some wiki-ing and... where have all the sera myu images gone..? I get that some would be removed cause some of the older ones are a lower quality but... all of them? Even of the most modern musicals? What is going on?

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PGSMLover1992 PGSMLover1992 7 June 2021


Hello, I'm PGSMLover1992. Nice to meet everyone! I'm PGSMLover1992 and have been watching Sailor Moon since I was about 14. I've seen the 90's anime in Japanese with English subtitles completely, up to about S of the Viz English dub, and have finished the entire main manga and Sailor V manga. I've also completed the live-action PGSM series from 2004! I plan on watching the musicals one day, but Crystal will come before that. I hope people are nice here!

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Pikachutheportalmaster Pikachutheportalmaster 6 June 2021

Sailor moon incredible dino power

one day on international dinosaur day 10 dino crystals landed on earth now the sailor guardians use these crystals to get dino power joined by a new sailor guardian Katie a.k.a sailor Europa they will punish a new villain who wants to destroy earth and japan

the show is presented in the reboot animation style of pretty guardian sailor moon eternal the movie

new characters are introduced called dino guardians

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林前菲 林前菲 6 June 2021



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AceFantaCola AceFantaCola 26 May 2021

Is it just me or...

Is Sailor Cosmos drop dead gorgeous?!

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 26 May 2021

Thank you everyone

(I'd have done this under Discussions but it would likely count as off-topic)

I'd like to express my appreciation to everyone here for not treating me badly for a certain unpopular interest (which Sailor Moon itself ignited). And even if you disagree or think "Why?", you're at least polite about it.

It might not seem like a huge deal (especially since the element in question is often to be seen in Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal (unlike most animes of the latter's time) and I wonder whether the writer of the manga shares this interest) but there are people on another wikia who gave me a really hard time for it.

So thank you all for your acceptance and politeness.

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Hi nice to meet you!

Hi I’m Usagi Tsukino!It may not look it but I'm a guardian of justice!I use this special

broch to transform and fight evil! You know me as the pretty guardian who fights for love and justice!I am Sailor Moon!And these guys here are my friends!Ami Mizuno. A kind hearted genius.I am Sailor Mercury!Rei Hino.The hot headed physic!I am Sailor Mars!Makoto Kino.The master of cooking and cleaning!I am Sailor Jupiter!Minako Aino.Once known as the crimefighter Sailor V. I am Sailor Venus!Together we five are known as the Sailor Guardians!And you can leave it to all of us to protect the peace on earth.Yaaaa!

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AceFantaCola AceFantaCola 20 March 2021

Okay I kinda had to do it-

I'm makin da sailor moon costumes. Also, my niece made Nyaka Kino aka Sailor Comet.

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AceFantaCola AceFantaCola 15 March 2021


I bought the Japanese anime instead of the english!!

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AceFantaCola AceFantaCola 10 March 2021



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SummerMelodies SummerMelodies 23 February 2021

About Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hello, me again, xd. I'm just here to tell u that I don't really watch Sailor Moon or Sailor Moon Crystal( sorry guys), but come on!!! I don't blame any of u people who don't watch these either. We have our own interests like heck. Come on, guys! Anyways, hope y'all stay safe & have a nice day.

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RubyStarz1 RubyStarz1 16 February 2021

🌙Sailor moon role play 🌙

My oc

( Bella

Dad and kid

(josh And charlie)

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Zackh85 Zackh85 26 January 2021

Sailor Moon Guardian Universe Season 6: Ideas for Rise of the Moonlight Rose

Ideas for Sailor Moon: Rise of the Moonlight Rose are posted on Tumblr and can be found at Sailor Moon, Guardian Universe, username Zackhery85.

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Zackh85 Zackh85 14 January 2021

Season 6: Rise of The Moonlight Rose

Rise of the Moonlight Rose Story can be viewed at:

It is still a work in progress. Please feel free to post any comments, ideas or discussions you may have about a continuation of the sailor moon series.

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Zackh85 Zackh85 13 January 2021

Sailor Moon Continuation: Season 6 ideas

The finale of season 5 keeps you hanging on edge wanting to know more about the future of Prince Endymion, Princess Serena and the Sailor Guardians.

With Serena's new found experience and power by defeating Galaxia and illuminating the Galaxy with loving moon energy how does it affect the present and future of crystal Tokyo?

By defeating Galaxia, Sailor Moon has become more powerful, however in the future of crystal Tokyo, before Galaxias defeat in the past, we observe that Neo Queen Serenity is not powerful enough to defeat the dark moon clan of Nemesis and requires the help of the sailor moon of the past. We also see that she still has the silver crystal in its basic form, which has not evolved into the eternal crystal like in season 5 in…

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Sun4556 Sun4556 8 December 2020

Do You Know What Episodes They're From

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Gameshowguy2000 Gameshowguy2000 9 October 2020

How I got into Sailor Moon

Well, it goes like this:

Both my sister and I were in JH. She was in 8th grade, I was in 7th. When Christmas morning 1995 arrived, she and I went over to check our stockings to see what Santa left (I STILL BELIEVE; PLEASE DO NOT BASH ME FOR IT!); after that, we went over to watch the show for the very first time. She got word of it from one of her classmates, and then passed it on to me. From that point on, I got hooked on it, and never looked back. You can also visit me on the Sailor Moon Dub Wiki] (per the name, that applies to only the NA dub).

How did you get into it? Chime in below. Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 21:03, October 9, 2020 (UTC)

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Ilovethebackyardigans Ilovethebackyardigans 18 September 2020

Just wondering

I see that there is an article for the live action animation hybrid American sailor moon but I’m wondering why isn’t there an article for the full live action American sailor moon called Team Angel which never came out just like Toonmakers Sailor Moon.

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Sailorsuntiktiok Sailorsuntiktiok 20 August 2020




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Ashley Entertainment Ashley Entertainment 25 July 2020

My blogging post

Kon'nichiwa! I'm Ashley!

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MomoLoveBaby MomoLoveBaby 30 June 2020

🌸.+Happy Birthday!+.🌸

🌸.+Happy birthday, Sailor Moon!+.🌸

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Shinon magic7 Shinon magic7 23 April 2020

Sailor Moon FA in Picrew.

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If some of you can draw anime send pics of your drawings that are Sailor Moon themed

I would really appreciate it. You would get praised a lot if some people are online more. 

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Shinon magic7 Shinon magic7 22 October 2019


KIRAYABAAA!Venus's BD today. I wonder how old is she?

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HumaneEmperor66 HumaneEmperor66 17 October 2019

Ehhh? A mystical FANDOM dream!

Today I had a dream about myself creating a wiki about Sailor Moon as well! It was called Sailor Moon Wiki V2, and it followed my own structure (the way I wanted this wiki to become), since this wiki was seemingly messed up.

Is it acceptable within the community to have 2 wikis about the same franchise or one of them has to be deleted and the user has to banned? I'm so worried... I could do this, but...

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Vincent Ly Vincent Ly 23 September 2019

Sailor Moon characters portrayed by the cartoon characters

Star Butterfly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) as Sailor Moon

Marco Diaz (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) as Tuxedo Mask

Gwen Tennyson (young (Ben 10 franchise)) as Sailor Mercury

Kuki Sanban (aka Numbuh 3 (Codename: Kids Next Door)) as Sailor Mars

Penny Sanchez (ChalkZone) as Sailor Jupiter

Leni Loud (The Loud House) as Sailor Venus

Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) as Sailor Chibi Moon

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Starbutterflyfan13 Starbutterflyfan13 21 August 2019

Sailor Moon Fan Shrine

I'm Working on a Fan shrine for Years So Maybe I finsh working on 2020. so give Me Ideas for How Make a Fan Shrine

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DuchessDream DuchessDream 15 August 2019

Self-Reminder (Sites)

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Shinon magic7 Shinon magic7 30 June 2019

Today's Sailor Moon's and Chibi Moon's birthday

HBD both of you.Nothing much to say,because I have a sore throat.JUST KIDDING!!!!!hahahaha

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Cstoczyn Cstoczyn 18 May 2019


Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 22:55, May 18, 2019 (UTC)

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Sailor Pretty Cure Moon Sailor Pretty Cure Moon 13 April 2019

Help me please!

I'm still new here and I read the steps but my Android tablet messed this up. Could maybe somebody clean it up or help me clean it up? Here is the problem:

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Smithers456 Smithers456 21 January 2019

Sailor Moon Series Fan Art

Whenever I go to a Cosplay / Anime Convention I go to the Artist Alley of the convention to meet Fan Artists and check out what they have recently drawn. Being a huge Sailor Moon series fan I check out the artists who have done drawings of the Sailor scouts first.

On my Deviant Art and Facebook pages I have come across many artists of note. One artist had a contest and I recieved a copy of the drawing on this blog post. The artist was drawing Christmas versions of the Sailor Scouts. When asked what scout that I wanted a drawing of I told the artist that Sailor Mars is my favorite scout. I've never seen the sailor scouts dressed up in christmas outfits before so this drawing is a true delight.

I'm curious has anyone else met a fan artist befo…

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Smithers456 Smithers456 4 January 2019

Looking Forward to watching Sailor Moon Stars

Greetings Fellow Sailor Moon Series Fans,

As mentioned on my Profile I'm very Happy to be a part of this Wiki. I have used it many times in the past for info on one of my all time favorite Anime / Manga series. Later this year if I have my info right Sailor Moon Stars and certainly Sailor Moon Crystal Super S (4th Season) will be available to buy, watch, and be in wonder of.

I have heard a lot about Sailor Moon Stars and the controversy as to why it wasn't released to the World. Today though I look at Sailor Moon Stars in a different light. From what I understand and I plan on learning more about on this Wiki!! Is more about Sailor Moon Stars and what happens during that 5th season of Sailor Moon. No spoilers I won't do that. Instead I ask a…

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Vanna106 Vanna106 3 January 2019


Hi! I'm new here! I'm Thesonicfan106 or Vanna The Hedgehog! I'm a fan of sailor moon since september 2018. 

I'm looking forward helping out on this wiki whether as a member or a future admin! 


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Zen shadow Zen shadow 15 October 2018

which is better

crystal or old show

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Sayonora921 Sayonora921 4 September 2018

Hey guys

Hey guys. 2 days ago I finished the 90's anime. I can help out with any questions regarding to that.

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Peachymins Peachymins 6 August 2018

today is national sailor moon day?

I just found out but I don't know if it's true? 

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Mudkip57430Cool Mudkip57430Cool 16 July 2018

usagi base

Usagi Base by Mudkip57430Cool

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Mikumoon256 Mikumoon256 10 July 2018

Hi Sailor Moon community

Nice to see you here, i’m a huge fan of Sailor moon, my favourite season is s through it’s story and impact through Haruka and Michiru, nice to see you guys.♥︎

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Green Hawk 2000 Green Hawk 2000 31 May 2018

Parody Animation History Of Sailor Moon

  • PQ Angels
  • Big Trouble In Little China - Big Trouble In Little Shinjuku
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service - Ami’s Delivery Service
  • Ikari Warriors - Hikari Warriors
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - Haruka of the Valley of the Wind
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena - Revolutionary Girl Haruka And Michiru
  • Art of Fighting - Art of Kings
  • Metal Slug - Metal Shooter
  • Dynamite Deka - Dynamite Troopers
  • Sen and Chihiro's Spiriting Away - Usagi And Minako's Spiriting Away
  • Mega Man - Sailor Man
  • Fatal Fury - Fatal Express
  • Ace Combat - Titan Combat
  • Commando - Sailor Commando
  • Predator - SailorDator
  • Transformers - SailorFromers
  • Terminator - Sailorminator
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Sayonora921 Sayonora921 29 May 2018

Nominations are here!!!!!!!


Make sure you vote for June's featured character! They are only up for a limited time

P.S- To get to the voting page, click Read More then click vote.


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Sayonora921 Sayonora921 23 May 2018

Opinions everyone! Just wanna see what y'all like

Hey People!

I wanna see everyone's fave characters in Sailor Moon!

Tell me in the comments, make sure you specify which category of character you're talking about!

1. Fave Senshi

2. Fave Villan/Youma (if any)

3. Fave Character that appears only in Season 1

4. Fave Character that appears only in Sailor Moon R

3. Fave Character that appears only in Sailor Moon S

And I am not gonna go past S because I haven't even actually finished Sailor Moon S yet.

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Sayonora921 Sayonora921 14 May 2018

Best Thing Ever

This show has got me interested in new things

Sailor Moon is litteraly the best thing ever!

I am currently on Sailor Moon S.

I am obsessed with this anime its my first anime and I might even watch crystal just to keep watching it when i finish!

Hope you people give Sailor Moon a 10/10

Have a nice day people



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LadyLuna25 LadyLuna25 17 March 2018

My first anime

This was the first anime I ever watched and ever since then I've been uspsest and can't stop watching it. I've watched it at least 5 time and have yet to finish the manga.

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Rodrigo911 Rodrigo911 14 February 2018

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge - North America's first officially licensed tabletop game!

Hello everyone :)

We're excited to announce that you can now pre-order the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge! After two ​long years getting ready to release this product, we are finally accepting pre-orders! But wait, there’s more! We are giving anyone who pre-orders the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge from our website two awesome FREE bonus gifts! It’s our way of saying thanks for placing your pre-order with us. 

Please take a moment to share this news with your friends and internet family. The more orders we receive, the sooner we'll be able to start working on ​the​ next game in our line of Sailor Moon Crystal tabletop games! We really couldn't do this without your support! ​​

To get updates on our upcoming line of Sailor Moon Crystal …

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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 5 January 2018

My Sailor Moon Team

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning fun by daylight
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Lime

Okay....Here is my Sailor Moon Team that came from my head

  • Lime Chiffon from the 80s version of Strawberry Shortcake as Sailor Moon
  • Pop Harukaze from Ojamajo Doremi as Chibi Moon
  • Elec Man from Mega Man as Tuxedo Mask (Because I ship Lime Chiffon with Elec Man)
  • Splash Woman from Mega Man as Sailor Mercury (Because they're water themed)
  • Kasumin from Mistin (Kasumin) as Sailor Mars
  • Hawkodile from Unikitty! as Sailor Jupiter
  • Homestar Runner as Sailor Venus
  • Fine from Twin Princesses of Wonder Planet as Sailor Uranus
  • Rein from Twin Princesses of Wonder Planet as Sailor Neptune
  • Mike frrom WarioWare as Sailor Pluto
  • T.N. Honey from the 80s version o…

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Princess Ashuri Princess Ashuri 6 December 2017

Are You Guys Excited For Sailor Moon SuperS?

Hi guys, just wanted to no if your excited for Sailor Moon SuperS!

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