Black Lady
Black Lady
Japanese: ブラック・レディ
Romanji: Burakku Redi
Aliases: Chibiusa Tsukino

Servant of Death Phantom


Black Moon Clan

Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: The Birth of Black Lady, The Queen of Darkness
Anime Voiced By: Kae Araki (Japanese)
Liz Brown (DiC English dub)
Sandy Fox (Viz Media English dub)

Black Lady is an evil, grown-up version of Chibiusa Tsukino, who was corrupted by Wiseman in the Sailor Moon R season of the anime.


Black Lady keeps the same appearance in the anime as she does in the manga. However, the slit in her dress has become more revealing, much to Naoko Takeuchi's dismay.


In the anime, Wiseman tells Chibiusa that all of the people on Earth do not love her, and in her timezone, they believed that she was the criminal that caused the destruction of Crystal Tokyo. Because of this, Chibiusa became the perfect person to be absorbed by the Evil Black Crystal, and it turned her into Black Lady, under Wiseman's control.

Her friend, Luna-P, is later transformed into a minion as well upon finding Black Lady. When she touches it while embracing it, the moon crescent on its forehead turns to that of the Black Moon Clan; not only that, but the Dark Crystal's power is very contagious to humans and even machinery when touched, and Black Lady uses the new Black Luna-P to fight the Sailor Guardians.

After a few failed attempts to revert her back to normal self, Sailor Moon finally was able to reach Black Lady as Chibiusa's mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, reminding her that she was always loved and remembered by her true friends and family, which made Black Lady believe her, and the immeasurable, limitless power of the Silver Crystal turned her back into Chibiusa as the black moon on her forehead disappears before she hugs her mother, amorously.


Character Designs



  • In the second season of the original anime, Black Lady used Luna-P to attack the five Sailor Senshi, whereas, in the manga, she discarded it and called it a useless toy, preferring to use her own evil powers to attack her "enemies".
  • During the battle against the Sailor Senshi for the second time while defending Saphir from them, Black Lady is also an expert in playing badminton when her Luna-P transformed into a badminton racket and hits them with its shuttlecock which serves as her projectile.
  • She was the second main protagonist to be turned evil, the first being Tuxedo Mask, who was turned evil by the Dark Kingdom in the first season.

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