"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Exciting Party" (美少女戦士セーラームーン セーラースターズ ときめきパーティ/ Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Tokimeki Paati) is a video game released for the Sega Pico by Bandai solely in Japan, in August 1996.


The game is set during the events of the Stars season.


From the title screen, two modes are available to the player:

Sugoroku (みんなで スゴロク/ Min'na de sugoroku) and 'Game' (ゲーム/ Gemu)

Sugoroku - In this mode, the player can pick from one of the five Inner Sailor Guardians and control them all in turn.

To play Sugoroku, the player rolls a die and then moves the corresponding amount of steps. Regular crescent moon-shaped spaces do not give any bonuses. A circle with the "game" text begins one of the ten mini-games, selected at random. A circle with a question mark begins a quiz game, also selected at random.

A blue star-shaped space with dice allows the player to roll again. A pink star-shaped space with the text "1 kai yasumi" will make them wait one turn, giving the opponent two turns in a row. A circle with a microphone will bring the player to another mini-game where they have to sing along with the Three Lights.

To Win

If the player wins the mini-game, they will see a new screen with Chibi Chibi, in which they can pick a prize. Prizes allow the player to advance five steps, three steps, roll a die or wait one turn.

To Lose

If the player loses, they will see the same prizes but selecting one will move them backward instead. Highlighted prizes will rotate, so the player has to be careful with timing when selecting.

There is one special space with the Eternal Moon Article on it; which cannot be skipped. In this space, the player will play a mini-game in which they must choose between two chests, and then watch Eternal Sailor Moon's transformation sequence.

Mini-Games/Game Mode

In "Game" Mode, the player can play all 10 mini-games that would be played in Sugoroku. There are two games per page.

Game 1

おとあわせゲーム / Oto awase geemu "Memory Match Game"

The player will see six boxes that have three pairs of animals hiding within A pair of bluebirds, light brown puppies and white kittens. The player has three chances to guess the correct location of pairs by clicking on the boxes. Depending on which animal is hidden inside, a 'meow' 'woof' or 'tweet' will be heard.

  • To win - Match all the pairs in less than three attempts.
  • Lose - Unsuccessfully matching the pairs after three attempts.

Game 2

へんしん・こうげきゲーム / Henshin kou geki geemu "Transfrom-Attack Game"

The player controls Usagi, who starts in the middle of the screen. Two pink chests are on either side The Eternal Moon Article will appear and quickly flash between the two chests. The player then must guess which chest it is in and navigate to it while dodging the attacks from an enemy -situated at the top of the screen. After locating the Eternal Moon Article, Sailor Moon will spin around and transform into Eternal Sailor Moon. The Eternal Tiare will then appear and flicker as the Article did. The player will then guide Eternal Sailor Moon to the chest they have guessed the Tiare to be in. Once found, Eternal Sailor Moon will shoot a beam at the enemy, ending the mini-game.

  • To win - Successfully guiding Sailor Moon to each chest and defeating the enemy.
  • Lose - Be struck by the enemies' green laser beam.

Game 3

つめこみゲーム / Tsumekomi Geemu "Tennomi Game"

The player begins in Sailor Moon's room and must prevent her clothes from falling out of a suitcase, her toys from falling out of her dresser drawer and various belongings from falling out of her closet.

  • To win - Attending to all hazards while waiting for time to expire.
  • Lose - An item from one of the three hazards falls to the floor.

Game 4

ゆめのパフェたべまくり!/ Yume no pafe tabe makuri!: "A Dream of Eating a Parfait!"

The player controls Usagi as she eats four layers of a parfait. Pressing the red button as quickly as possible to eat each layer before time runs out.

  • To win - Eating all the layers of the parfait before time runs out.
  • Lose - Time runs out and the parfait is unfinished.

Game 5

ダッシュ!おかしだっしゅゲーム / Dassu! Okashi Dassu Geemu "Dash! Sweets Dash Game"

The player and three other Sailor Senshi walk in a circle around three chairs as the music plays. When the music stops playing, the player press the red button repeatedly to run and take one of the chairs. The player who does not reach a chair loses. In each round, the number of chairs decreases by one.

  • To win - Occupy a chair by rapidly pressing the red button.
  • Lose - Being the only player without a chair.

Game 6

ほんものはどれだ?/ Hon mono wa doreda? "Which is the Real Thing?"

Six circles appear on a cloudy backdrop with six 'fake' Eternal Moon Articles. The player "erases" the circles with the Eternal Tiare to reveal the real Eternal Moon Article before. A mall spring with a heart will pop out if it is a fake Article. The player can continue to attempt to locate the real Eternal Moon Article until time runs out.

  • To win - Locate the real Eternal Moon Article.
  • Lose - Failure to locate the real Eternal Moon Article before time runs out.

Game 7

ゆめのくもわたり/ Yume no Kumo Watari "A Dream of a Dream"

The player must jump from one moving cloud to another to reach the cloud-palace in the top right corner of the screen.

  • To win - Jumping onto the cloud-palace cloud.
  • Lose - Falling off a cloud to the bottom of the screen.

Game 8

ラビリンスバトル / Rabirinsu batoru "Labyrinth Battle"

The player must gather the other four Inner Sailor Senshi that are dispersed within a garden-like maze; the player collects the Sailor Senshi while avoiding Sailor Buri.

  • To win - Collecting all four Inner Sailor Senshi
  • Lose - Being caught by Sailor Buri

Game 9

とんでけふうせんゲーム / Tonde ke fuusen geemu "No Balloons Burst Game"

The player must release three balloons at the right time in order to prevent crows, flying across the screen in both directions, from popping them.

  • To win - All three balloons drift to the top of the screen.
  • Lose - A balloon is hit by a crow.

Game 10

わしゃわしゃたいじだいさくせん / Washi ~yawashataijidaisakusen

Sailor Iron Mouse sends her shadows to attack the player on three different levels of a castle; Top, middle and bottom. the play eliminates them using the Eternal Tiare. If the shadows cross to the other side of the castle, the player loses. To win, eliminate any line of shadows until time is up.

  • To win - Successfully oppress all shadows from crossing the castle on all levels.
  • Lose - A shadow reaches the other side of the castle.



  • "Tokimeki" means "exciting" or "heartbeat" in Japanese.
  • スゴロク (すごろく/Sugoroku) is a traditional Japanese board game, a kin to that of "Snakes and Ladders".
  • みんなで スゴロク/ Min'na de sugoroku means "Everyone Sugoroku".
  • "Dash! Sweets Dash Game!" is more commonly known as "Musical Chairs"
  • Each game title is written in Hiragana, which is easier for small children to read.
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