Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S: Brawl!? Champion Battle (美少女戦士セーラームーンS: 場外乱闘!?主役争奪戦 / Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen) is a video game released for the Nintendo Super Famicom by Angel (Bandai) on December 16, 1994.

Box art back.


In the game, two Sailor Senshi fight each other using both basic physical and special attacks. Each Senshi has their own set of attacks, some of which are invented exclusively for the game. All of the Solar System Senshi, with the exception of Sailor Saturn, are playable characters.


There are four modes in the game: practice, tournament, versus, and story mode. In each mode, the basic gameplay is the same. In versus and story mode, the player can customize the abilities of the chosen Senshi by allocating points among six abilities. (See Ability Customization System)

  • Practice Mode - In Practice mode, the players can practice their attacks with no counted damage.
  • Tournament Mode - Eight players fight in a knock-out styled tournament, with 1-8 players being human and the others being CPU.
  • Versus Mode - The player can fight one against another player or a CPU player. The player chooses which Sailor Guardian should fight. It is possible to select the same Sailor Guardian; in this case, one of Sailor Guardians' sailor uniform colors would be altered.
  • Story Mode - In Story Mode, the plot involves the Sailor Senshi fighting to become the new leader. In this mode, only the Inner Sailor Senshi and Sailor Chibi Moon are playable characters. The player has to defeat the other eight normally playable Sailor Senshi to win in this mode. If the player succeeds, the title screen changes to display the silhouette and the name of the victorious Sailor Senshi. Tuxedo Mask appears in the "Continue" screen if the player loses.

Ability Customization System

Before starting a match in Versus Mode the player can allocate 15 skill points; in Story Mode the player can choose to allocate only 10 skill points

Ability Kanji Romanji
Attack 攻撃 kougeki
Special 必殺技 Hissawwaza
Defense 防御 bougyo
Mischief おちゃめ ochame
Health 体力 tairyoku
? ?

The allocation of the skill points can greatly enhance a player's technique.

  • Attack - Adds more damage to attacks
  • Special - Adds more damage to element based attacks (i.e Sabão Spray and Fire Soul Bird)
  • Defence - Lowers damage received
  • Mischief - Increases the likely hood of failure when using special attacks or preforming a back-dash
  • Health - Increases the maximum health points of the player
  • ? - Increases damage dealt by the 'desperation attack'.


There are ten different stages in the game, including one hidden stage. They each have a different background, although the backgrounds do not affect the gameplay. and Each stage has a different inhabitant.



  • Although the game was developed and published by Angel, the sprites were recycled from Sailor Moon R -which Bandai developed, published, and retouched the sprites that were originally from the first game; also developed by Angel.
  • The title Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen Roughly translates to, "Outdoor Brawl!? Fight against protagonists".
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