"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R" (美少女戦士セーラームーンR / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R) is a video game released for the Nintendo Game Boy by Angel Studios on April 22, 1994.


The game is based on the second season of Sailor Moon; Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R. The player can control the other Inner-Senshi as well; as opposed to the original Game Boy game where only Usagi is a playable character.

Two modes are available to the player: "Story Mode" and/or "Arcade Mode".

Box art back.


  • Story Mode: The player begins the game with Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon. Along the way you have Chibi-Usa join you and then the Inner-Senshi. Gameplay switches between a story chapter, where the player walks around the map and talks to other characters; followed by a platform level ending in a boss battle.
  • Arcade Mode: The player chooses a character and the non-combat parts of the game are skipped.

In both modes, the game is complete after five stages. Some of the boss rooms start with a scene of Tuxedo Mask where the player will receive an extra life for picking up the rose item he drops. Other items the player can pick up include hearts, which refill some health, cake slices, which refill more health, and a tiara, which offers a power-up to the character's attacks.


The game also includes several mini-games.

  • Sailor V Game
  • Slide Puzzle
  • Match Game
  • High/Low
  • Quiz
  • Fortune Telling


Each stage in the game belongs to a certain character (characters in the second stage) and one boss.


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