"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon" (美少女戦士セーラームーン, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) is an arcade game machine released in 1995. Developed by Gazelle, the game was exclusively released in Japan by Banpresto and in Europe by Sega. The game was supervised by Naoko Takeuchi and the voices for the Sailor Guardians were provided by the anime voice actors and actresses.


The game is a side-scrolling "beat-'em-up" game. One to two players pick their desired Sailor Senshi and travel through various stages defeating enemies. Items are sometimes dropped by enemies that range from health-restoring, extra points, to crystals that allow the Senshi to perform special attacks. Up to five crystals can be collected per player to power up the Senshi's special attacks. During the most difficult moments in battle, Tuxedo Mask will appear and throw a rose, which is a bonus drop that restores a large portion of health and damages the enemy.

Second instructional sticker.


Regular Enemies

Some Youma appear in the game as regular enemies and bosses.



Azabu-Juban - The Sailor Senshi fight in a street with houses against Youma. Castor and Pollux appear as bosses in this stage.

Jewelry OSA-P - The Sailor Senshi fight their way through the streets of the business area, where Fruits Parlor Crown can be seen in the background. After entering OSA-P, Naru can be seen being strangled by Morga, disguised as Naru's mother. Once she transforms back into her Youma form, she becomes the boss enemy for the stage. This stage is followed by a cut-scene where Queen Beryl and Jadeite talk in her throne room.

Tokyo Tower - The Sailor Senshi fight their way through back alleys before they come across Kyruene in a junkyard, who appears as the boss for the stage. When her health is halfway depleted, she flies away to Tokyo Tower, where the Senshi follows her and continues the fight.

Crystal Seminar - The Sailor Senshi fight in the halls of the Crystal Seminar. During their fight, they fall into a cellar where they rescue students who are trapped inside Shape Ray pods. Finally, they reach the computer room where Garoben, the boss for this stage, is holding Umino. The room is the same from episode 8 where Sailor Moon fights Garoben.

Docks - The Sailor Senshi fight on the docks against regular enemies along with possessed humans. Zoisite is the final boss for the stage and once his health is halfway depleted, he escapes and the stage ends. The docks are the same ones that appear in episode 33.

Nephrite's Mansion - The Sailor Senshi fight their way through a forest before reaching the mansion where Nephrite holds his base of operations in the anime. The boss for the stage is "Twin Kyulene".

Game Center Crown - An Ohara is holding her cat Rhett Butler when Zoisite appears and turned the cat into Bakene. The Sailor Senshi chase Bakene through Game Center Crown and a supermarket before the battle starts in the streets. After Bakene is defeated, he turns back into Rhett Butler and An shows up to take him.

D Point - The Sailor Senshi fight in the North Pole. Halfway through the stage, Zoisite and Kunzite appear to fight as mini-bosses for the stage. The battle takes place in the tunnel from episode 44. After defeating the pair, the Sailor Senshi battle Queen Beryl as the final boss in her throne room. Following her defeat, the credits play.

Hidden Elements for an Unfinished Game

Data mining by fans and hackers reveals some elements that were never made viewable or usable for the player; suggesting the game was released unfinished.

Within the game's code, files can be found for unused characters, modes, and scenes. Among these files, sprites for Sailor V appear.

Sprites for an ending scene can also be found. The dialogue sprites have elements to suggest a scene of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask about to kiss just before Sailor Mars interrupts them; individual and group sprites of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon running over the group and hugging Sailor Mars, and a distant silhouetted shot of all 5 Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask standing atop a glacier.

Sprites for dialogue before boss fights were also present, as well as sprites for the Senshi's special attacks -rather than utilizing cut-scene like sprites. One dialogue sprite for Queen Beryl being defeated is also present.

The code for a four-player mode was also present but never implemented.



  • The game's version 95/03/22 has a second version, 95/03/22B. This version is updated and repairs previous bugs.
  • Twin Kyulene is two Kyurene sprites recolored.
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