BiriBiri Dude
Japanese: ビリビリ野郎
Romanji: Biribiri Yarou

Dead Moon Circus

Species: Lemures
Master: JunJun
Objective: To devour the Dream Mirrors and defeat the Sailor Guardians
Death: Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation
First Appearance
Anime: Dream to Be an Adult: The Amazoness' Confusion
Anime Voiced By: Nobuhiko Kazama (Japanese)
David Fraser (CWi English dub)
Chris Niosi (Viz Media English dub)

BiriBiri Dude, the "Decorative Illumination Catfish," is a Lemures sent by JunJun to help the Amazoness Quartet extract Dream Mirrors. He was an electric catfish with a microphone and appeared in Episode 33 of the fourth season.



JunJun sent BiriBiri Dude to put the audience of a ceremony to sleep, and PallaPalla had several nutcrackers extract their dream mirrors, which were then eaten by BiriBiri Dude. When the Sailor Guardians came to stop them, BiriBiri Dude attempted to fend them off but short-circuited due to consuming too many mirrors. After a fight between the Sailor Guardians and the Amazoness Quartet, Super Sailor Chibi Moon summoned Pegasus with Twinkle Yell, and Super Sailor Moon destroyed BiriBiri Dude with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.



  • BiriBiri Dude is the final monster of the week to appear in the Cloverway English dub.

Dead Moon Circus
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