Japanese: ビピエッロト
Romanji: Bipierroto

Makai Tree

Species: Cardian
Master: Ail and An
Objective: To steal energy for the Makaiju
Death: Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation
First Appearance
Anime: Steal a Kiss from Mamoru! An's Project Snow White
Anime Voiced By: Hinako Kanamaru (Japanese)
Sandy Fox (Viz Media English Dub)

Bipierrot is the 10th Cardian that Ail sent to gather energy for the Makai Tree. She appeared in Sailor Moon R.


She had the appearance of a clown.


During the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs play, in which Mamoru was Prince Charming and An was Snow White (with the intent of kissing Mamoru), Ail, partly out of disappointment that he did not get the part of Prince Charming (so he could kiss Usagi, who in turn did not get the part of Snow White), and partly to gather energy for the Hell Tree, sent Pierrot to crash the play and drain energy from the audience. Bipierrot even threw a giant ball at An to knock her backward and Mamoru caught her as she fell, though his nose was hit in the process. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon, but Bipierrot attacked her with her umbrella, until the Moonlight Knight arrived. The other Sailor Senshi appeared and Sailor Mars performed Akuryo Taisan onto her face, and she was then frozen by Sailor Mercury's Sabao Spray Freezing. Sailor Moon proceeded to destroy Bipierrot with Moon Princess Halation.


She attacks with an umbrella to drain energy. She could also have the umbrella extend a cord to wrap around her victims.



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