Best of Super Moonies - Silver Millennium
Best of Super Moonies
Label: Edel Music
Genre(s): Pop
Number of Tracks: 20
Language(s): German
Release Date: January 24, 2000

"Best of Super Moonies - Silver Millennium" is the last CD that was released by the German band Super Moonies.


  1. Fight, Sailor Moon
  2. Sailor Moon's World
  3. Power of Mist
  4. Princess Snow Kaguya
  5. Our Star
  6. Bright Moonlight
  7. Always Dispute
  8. Silver Millennium
  9. The Magic Star
  10. Super Moonies
  11. Queen Serenity
  12. Black Lady
  13. Power of the Moon
  14. Sailor Venus
  15. How Quickly a Year Goes By
  16. Splinter of the Silver Crystal
  17. I Trust You, Sailor Moon
  18. The Shadow of The New Moon
  19. Super Moonies Mega Mix
  20. Trapped in Outer Space
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