Japanese: ベルチェ
Romanji: Beruche
Aliases: None
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Residency: Nemesis
Tokyo (after being purified by the Silver Crystal in the anime)

Member of the Ayakashi Sisters


Koan, Calaveras, Petz (sisters)


Rubeus, Ayakashi Sisters


Black Moon Clan

Gender: Female
Species: Nemesis humanoid
Human (after being purified)
First Appearance
Manga: Act 16 - Abduction, Sailor Mercury

Berthier was a member of the Black Moon Clan and the second youngest of the four Ayakashi Sisters. She accompanied Rubeus and her sisters to 20th-century Earth in order to locate Chibiusa and find the Silver Crystal.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Berthier is named for the mineral Berthierite. Her Japanese name is Beruche. Beruche is a shortened for of the mineral, Berucheko (the ko part that was removed is the Kanji for "mineral/ore"). Berucheko is the Japanese name for Berthierite.* Her DIC name Bertie which could sound like Birdy could be in contrast to Koan's dubbed name Catzi, which both names indicate "bird" and "cat".



Berthier has white hair that is braided into a ponytail and she also has blue eyes. She wears a sky blue swimsuit and matching thigh-high boots. She is the shortest sister out of all of the Ayakashi Sisters and the third oldest.


Berthier appeared in Act 16 of the manga as the architect of 002: Operation Remove. An expert dowser, her goal was to find Chibiusa and the Sailor Senshi with her dowsing ability, kill them and infiltrate Tokyo with Droids. She was thus challenged by Ami Mizuno to a chess match as a pretext for luring the Senshi to her. She managed to trap Sailor Mercury in a water current before she was killed by Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation. The water current - with Mercury in it - was then taken by Rubeus to Nemesis.


Berthier has the power of water. Her water is strong enough to trap or encase a person within it.





  • She is the Ayakashi Sister equivalent of Sailor Mercury.
  • Berthier is the Ayakashi Sister counterpartner of Sailor Mercury, as they both use water-based attacks.
  • However, she like her sisters, seem to still have control of their own minds, as they tell the senshi they don't want to fight them, but their bodies are forced to fight the senshi, in this battle, the senshi are forced to kill them. It is unknown if they were revived at the end.
  • Berthier is named after berthierite, an iron sulfide.

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Leaders WisemanPrince Dimande
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