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"Believe in Love: Ami, the Kindhearted Guardian" is the 33rd episode of the 3rd season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 122nd overall. It aired in Japan on January 21, 1995. The CWi English dub title for this episode was "The Science of Love" and it aired in North America on July 25, 2000.


The last round of national practice exams is being held at Mugen Academy as simultaneously the Sailor Senshi infiltrate it. Ami encounters her rival in academics Yui Bidou.


International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Ami, a Menina Mais Amável das Sailors ("Ami, the Kindest Girl of the Sailors")
  • European Portuguese: Acreditar no Amor! ("Believe in Love!")
  • French:
    • TV: Science et amour ("Science and Love")
    • DVD: Croire en l'amour ! Ami, guerrière au bon cœur. ("Believe in Love! Ami, a Warrior with a Good Heart.")
  • German: Die Tücken der Technik ("The Pitfalls of Technology")


Changes from the Manga

  • Viluy is killed by Sailor Uranus, via Space Sword Blaster.
  • Viluy is the third member of the Witches 5 to battle the Sailor Guardians.

First Appearances



  • This was the first and only anime appearance of Viluy (not counting her appearances in shadow, unvoiced, with the other witches in earlier episodes).
  • This episode marks the last time Sailor Moon uses the Holy Grail to initiate her Crisis, Make Up transformation sequence.
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