Becoming an Idol: Minako’s Ambition
Aidoru o Mezase! Minako no Yabou
Airing Information
Episode: EP 175, Season 5
Air Date (JP): May 25, 1996
Written by: Atsushi Maekawa
Directed by: Yuji Endou
Featured Monster: Sailor Gekisha
North American Dub
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"Becoming an Idol: Minako’s Ambition" is the 9th episode of the 5th season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 175th of the overall series. It aired in Japan on May 25, 1996.


Minako decides to be Three Lights' assistant, that way she'll have an easier time reaching her own goal of becoming an idol, or so she thinks.


In Juban High School, Minako is carrying through a plan: She'll talk in private to Seiya and Usagi, hidden in some bushes, will take a few pictures of the two of them. That way, and only looking at the photos taken, it seems that both Minako and Seiya are dating. They are finally talking and Minako says that she felt something in her eye; Seiya checks it and Usagi starts carelessly taking pictures but she's finally busted by him, who calls her "Bunhead".

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Ami and Makoto look at Usagi's pictures. There are a good amount of them, but all have bad quality. However Usagi's not concerned about them, and instead talk about what Minako's been doing lately: Taking photos with every Three Lights member. This leaves the four girls with one question: Who is her friend's favorite?. She arrives at the cafe at that moment and tells them about a new and more realistic plan: becoming Three Lights' assistant. None of the girls can believe what she's saying but then she explains it: Because they are very busy celebrities, she can't freely talk to them, despite they assist the same class, but if she becomes their assistant, they'd spend so much time together that the boy will eventually fall for her and she'll also be known in the music field. She suddenly leaves because she's to go with the band. After her leaving, Ami notices Usagi's not there anymore.

Chuuko Nezu is at Ginga TV looking for a new target. In a magazine, she finds someone who calls her attention: Saki Itabashi, a young professional photographer. Galaxia calls out for her, and she tells her that a new target's been found.

The Three Lights are in the middle of a vowel cleaning session and Minako is watching them. Usagi approaches her and soon a girl with a big photo camera shows up taking pictures of the three boys. Minako tells her to stop because it's restricted, but this girl doesn't listen and leaves.

The next day, after an autograph session, the boys go to the band's room, and they find Itabashi in it. She introduces herself and says that she's taking some pictures for a special series called "Revealed Three Lights", so she'll have to spend some time with them.

A new journey is almost finishing and the Three Lights have been working really hard to get Itabashi's needed pictures; Usagi was there too but she got hungry and left. The session finally ends and Minako proposes to get something to eat, but the photographer interrupts her and says that she still needs more photos. They start arguing and Itabashi says that she is a professional and as such, she needs to make sacrifices, even if it means not eating. The Three Lights finally accepts to the photographer's request, but Minako feels very concerned about Saki's words.

Once the session is truly over, Saki leaves the studio and she's intercepted by Sailor Iron Mouse. Minako sees how the evil Sailor Guardian steals her Star Seed, so she transforms.

Usagi is eating riceballs when she sees both Venus and Iron Mouse fighting. Without overthinking she transforms too. 

Sailor Venus uses Venus Love and Beauty Shock, but Iron Mouse dodges it easily. However, when Sailor Moon shows up she decides to leave. At that moment. Itabashi transforms into Sailor Gekisha and the phage attacks the two Sailor Guardians with its Shutter Chance attack, leaving Venus with serious wounds.

At that moment, the Sailor Starlights shows up and Sailor Star Healer stuns the phage using Star Sensitive Inferno. Sailor Moon takes advantage of this and heals the phage with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. After that, she attempts to talk with the Starlights, but they leave as soon as possible. Sailor Moon wonders if they are whether allies or enemies.

The four girls are again at the cafe. Ami asks what happened to Minako's plan and Usagi says that she's given up on it. Soon, Minako joins them with the news: Instead of being a band's assistant, she'll be doing auditions to become a music idol, and she quickly leaves the fruits parlor crown.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: A Ambição de Mina ("Mina's Ambition")
  • European Portuguese: A Ambição da Joana! ("Joana's Ambition")
  • French:
    • VOSFTR: En route pour la gloire ! Les ambitions de Minako. ("On the Way to Glory! Minako's Ambitions.")
    • VF: En route pour la gloire ! Les ambitions de Mathilda ("On the Way to Glory! Mathilda's Ambitions.")
  • German: Der Weg zum Ruhm ("The Path to Fame")


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  • This was the first episode written by Atsushi Maekawa.
  • Most civilian victims had their Star Seed coming out from their heads, but Itabashi's came out from her chest.
  • It was one of the few times Seiya called Usagi "Dumpling head". Usually, he called her only "Dumpling". But in the Viz Media English Dub, as already explained in Episode 173, Seiya usually calls Usagi a "Bunhead".
  • Also in the Viz Media English Dub, The Three Lights and Usagi mistook this drink as the red juice during pictorials as it was revealed to be a red wine which is a lady's drink.
  • The background music for "Venus Crystal Power, Make Up" was used for the last time in this episode.
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