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Become a Prima: Usagi's Ballet
プリマをねらえ! うさぎのバレエ
Purima o nerae! Usagi no baree
Airing Information
Episode: EP 145, Season 4
Air Date (JP): August 19, 1995
Written by: Genki Yoshimura
Directed by: Harume Kosaka
Featured Monster: Kurumiwario
North American Dub
Air Date (US): October 19, 2000
CWi Title: Tutu Treachery
Episode Guide
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"Become a Prima: Usagi's Ballet" was the 18th episode of the fourth season of the Sailor Moon anime, and the 145th episode overall. The episode first aired in Japan on August 19, 1995. The CWi English dub title for this episode was "Tutu Treachery", and the episode first aired in North America on October 19, 2000.


Usagi volunteers to be part of a ballet production. Fish Eye joins the same class as Usagi, and targets the ballet instructor. In the end, Usagi winds up playing the part of the Moon in the production.


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  • When Kurumiwario performed his version of the "grand fouetté en tournant" he turned thirty-two times; 32 fouettés en tournant is a famous and very difficult movement in ballet.


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