Droido is a droid that Bertie sent to take over a cosmetic shop, which was a crystal point in Tokyo. Her clothing resembles a perfume bottle and her theme is makeup. She has the power to spit an acidic liquid that can melt through solid objects. She can also use her makeup applicator as a weapon. She appeared in Episode 15 of Sailor Moon R.

Bertie sent Droido to take over the cosmetic shop for Rubeus. Droido disguised herself as a human shop owner and attempted to sell makeup to Serena, who had just been rejected by Darien. When Serena refused, Droido threatened her. Droido revealed her true form and Luna lunged at the droid's face, giving Serena time to transform into Sailor Moon. Droido overwhelmed Sailor Moon with her acid spray and then flattened Luna against the wall with her makeup applicator. Tuxedo Mask arrived at the scene and reflected Droido's acid back at her, melting off her face. As she hopelessly attempted to paint her face back on with makeup, Sailor Moon killed Droido with Moon Scepter Elimination.


  • Droido is among the Droids that appear in Sailor Moon: Another Story.
  • In the English dub, human form Droido has a very thick, New York accent. As a droid, the accent is downplayed.
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