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Sailor Astarte, Siva Shingetsu Astarte, Dark Cain


Lilith of Darkness, Baron Gilles de Rais






Aya Hosoda

Astarte was a Sera Myu character who appeared only in Transylvania no Mori and its revision. Before she attained her full power, she was known as Siva Shingetsu Astarte/Sailor Astarte.


She was the physical incarnation of the goddess Astarte. Lilith of Darkness encouraged her to believe that she was the true goddess of the Moon, not Sailor Moon, and as such should be the ruler of the world. This effort was motivated by Lilith's intent to bring her to Death Vulcan's side during the battle against the Sailor Senshi, and also to use Astarte's powers and her body as a vessel for Dark Cain. Baron Gilles de Rais showed concern about Astarte's ultimate role in the battle, as Dark Cain had said that once the goddess was fully awakened, it was impossible to know which side she would choose. Lilith, however, thought it was unimportant, as either way the fate of humanity would be determined soon.


Sailor Astarte and Dark Cain both draw power from the mother goddess' might. Her magic is extensively powerful and most attacks draw from Jewish theology and mythology.

  • Solomon Versus - Sailor Astarte used this attack was used in aiding the Sailor Senshi.
  • Solomon Jihad - Sailor Astarte used this attack used to disable the Samael Sword.
  • Cain the Dark - Dark Cain used this evil attack to harm the Senshi.
  • Cain the Manipulate - An attack used in the Kaiteiban to as the name suggests, manipulate.
  • Samael Cain Solomon -Lilith and Astarte jointly performed this attack.
  • Samael Cain the Solomon - Astarte alone performed this attack.
  • Samael Astaroth - Astaroth is a mythological demon a prince of hell, named after Astarte herself.
  • Samael Belzébuth - Belzébuth is the French name for Beezlebub, another prince of hell.
  • Bachalyas baryolos lagoz atha cabyolas - This is a fragmented extract from the nonsensical Wiccan chant Eko Eko Azarak (which was popularized by a Japanese horror manga by the same name). It is used to call upon a higher power (i.e. a god or a demon)
  • さざめきて流れ、炎の内に失せよ 殷盛の美に酔い、現われ出で結末をつけよ -This is a chant which is used by both Lilith and Astarte, later used in the sequel by Death Vulcan in calling upon a power to perform very strong magic.
  • Reversing the Tree of Life - Anti-Malkhut, Anti-Keter, Anti-Tif'eret, Anti-Yesod, Anti-Malkhut. This chant was used by Dark Cain as Astarte and Lilith conjointly to open the door to death. It is essentially saying the middle branch of the kabbalah tree of life in reverse (without Da'at).