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Artemis is Minako Aino's white guardian cat, as well as her adviser in Codename: Sailor V and the Sailor Moon manga. He was the one who awoke Minako as Sailor V and has continued to watch over her ever since.


Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. In Vol.2, Minako points this out and makes fun of him for being named after a girl. She was known as Diana in Roman Mythology.


Artemis is a white, short-haired cat with a yellow crescent moon on his forehead and green eyes.

In his humanoid form, he retains his same eyes and crescent moon on his forehead. He has long white hair and pale skin, and wears white clothing. He wears a gold crescent moon necklace and his long-sleeved shirt has a crescent shaped hole at his chest and a round hole at his bellybutton. His shirt also has two clips attached to his pants.



During the Silver Millennium, Artemis was a resident of the planet Mau and eventually came to live at the Moon Castle. There, he came to meet Sailor Venus among others and developed a crush on fellow cat Luna. After the fall of the Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity put him and Luna to sleep in capsules and eventually he awoke in present day Tokyo before his fellow cat. He worked with Boss to find and evaluate the reincarnation of Sailor Venus while seeking information on their enemy.

Codename: Sailor V[]

Minako first meets Artemis while in a gymnastics class where she accidentally lands on him. He was observing her and continues to do so while she was at school. He relays his findings to Boss who is confident she is the one they're looking for. At Minako's Home, he finally introduces himself, much to her surprise, and told her she was a Sailor Guardian. He gave her a crescent compact and it transports them to Venus, where he shows her Magellan Castle and that Minako has a mission to fight. Before he could say more, Minako faints from shock. Later, Artemis warns Minako about the boy she has a crush on who was really a minion of the Dark Agency. Artemis throws Minako her Transformation Pen and gives her the command, allowing her to transform into Sailor V. After Minako kills Narcissus, she was upset, and Artemis comforted her, accepting they were partners now and he would help train her for whatever challenges arrive in the future.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[]



  • In the original proposal for a Sailor V anime, there was a female character called Artemis.