Artemis is Minako's white guardian cat, as well as her advisor.


Artemis is a white tomcat with short fur and blue eyes. Like Luna, he has a golden crescent moon on his forehead to show his allegiance to the Silver Millennium. He is slightly bigger than his counterpart.


Just like in the manga, Artemis is portrayed as a slightly lazy and lovesick father figure to Minako. He often gets into trouble with Luna, and at one point is banished from her presence for looking at a nun; although he was actually looking at the church and 'hoping to one day get married there'.

In the anime Artemis still does his best to help Minako realize and chase her dreams; sometimes pulling notebooks and audition papers out of her desk and submitting them in her place.

Artemis has the odd habit of turning off Minako's alarm clock, hugging it and carrying it into her bed, thus being the major reason for Minako being late for school more often than not.


Sailor Moon

Artemis is a companion of Sailor Venus which began at some point when she began posing as Sailor V. When Luna contacted an unknown person from the arcade for further advice, she was really contacting Artemis without knowing. Artemis first appeared when he and Sailor Venus arrived to help the Sailor Senshi when they fell into a trap by Zoisite and Kunzite.

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon SuperS

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars


In Sailor Moon S: The Movie, he tries to walk sick Luna home, but she insists that she would go alone. Later, he confesses that he "should have walked her home", so he gets the girls to find her.



  • In the French dub, Artemis was originally female. This was however corrected before the introduction of his daughter Diana.
  • In the European Portuguese dub, Artemis is female, while Luna is male.
  • In the proposed US version of Sailor Moon, a white cat was seen, but it was not clear if this was supposed to be Artemis or a white version of Luna.
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