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Artemis is Minako's white guardian cat, as well as her advisor. This is the second animated depiction of the original manga character.


Artemis is a white short haired cat with green eyes with pale pink ears and a gold crescent moon on his forehead.


Just like Luna, Artemis was a trusted advisor and confidant to the Queen of the Moon Kingdom. He did his very best to protect the princess and heiress to the throne of Silver Millennium at all costs. When the Moon was invaded by the evil force, Queen Metalia, and her brainwashed Earthling minions, Artemis stayed by Queen Serenity's side as she used the vast energy and power of the Silver Crystal to seal away the enemy for one milenia.


  • In Greek mythology, Artemis was actually female and the mighty goddess of the Hunt, and the fraternal twin sister of Apollo.


Artemis and Sailor V
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