This page lists Errors in the Animation of the Sailor Moon anime.


  • When Sailor Moon says her "I'll Punish You" taunt, her arms move through her hair.
  • There are sometimes errors with the positioning of the parts of the bows on the uniform.
  • During Sailor Mars's taunt in the first and second seasons, the inside of the back of her Sailor collar was white instead of red. This was fixed in later seasons.
  • In Sailor Mercury's Shabon Spray attack, before she releases the energy, her glove in one frame becomes skin colored. This is fixed in the S movie.

Sailor Moon

  • In Episode 1, around 17:28, Sailor Moon's back bow disappears for a few frames, and then reappears a few seconds later.
  • In Episode 1, when Usagi raises her hand during the transformation, she briefly has seven fingers
  • In Episode 1, around 18:56, the bottom right half of Sailor Moon's front bow turns white.
  • In Episode 2, from 9:18 to 9:20, two small red bows appear on the back of Usagi's school skirt, when there's only suppose to be a blue bow.
  • In Episode 2, around 10:05, when Mamoru is hit with Usagi's shoe, his pants are green, but later when he is walking away around 10:30, his pants are the usual purple color.
  • In Episode 3, around 20:10, after Jadeite stops Sailor Moon's tiara in midair and she glares at him, her right hand is skin-colored instead of white.
  • In Episode 4,when Sailor Moon is fighting she hasn't got her odango covers
  • In Episode 9,Usagi's pigtails briefly vanish when she panicks on the bus
  • In Episode 10, around 21:25, Jadeite was missing his gloves.

Sailor Moon R

  • Throughout the entire R season, Usagi's brooch, the Crystal Star, is miscolored many times. The pink-colored part outside of the star turns gold throughout the show. Examples can be found in the first R opening, and during episode 52 from 11:58 to 12:03. Also at some points, the brooch would become entirely gold. An example would be during episode 52 around 17:51.
  • In "Moon Crystal Power, Make-up" as Sailor Moon's tiara appears her odango gems briefly overlay everything else. This is fixed in the R movie.
  • At the end of the first opening, where all of the Sailor Senshi pose together, Venus's back bow is navy blue instead of yellow.
  • During the R movie, when the Inner Sailor Senshi decide to use the rest of their power to help Princess Serenity and join hands, Sailor Venus's back bow is navy blue in a few shots.
  • During the R movie, around 16:23, when the Flower Monster forces Rei and Ami against the wall, a red bow appears in on the back of Ami's skirt, when there is only supposed to be a small blue bow.
  • In Episode 83, when King Endymion tells the Sailor Senshi about the invasion of the Black Moon, Neo-Queen Serenity is shown with the Black Moon symbol on her forehead.
    • In the same episode, when King Endymion mentions how he used to tell Chibiusa stories about Sailor Moon, her silhouette had white hair clips that she only wore in the manga. In the anime she did not have these hair clips until she became Super Sailor Moon.
  • In Episode 88, when Chibiusa goes back to the future,Sailor Mercury's tiara is missing.
  • In Episode 88, Neo-Queen Serenity briefly has the same odango style as Chibiusa / Black Lady

Sailor Moon S

  • Towards the end of Sailor Neptune's transformation, right before she finishes with her pose, her neck disappears in one frame. (Around 0:15)
  • In Episode 93, Sailor Moon's odango covers are missing, and Sailor Mercury's head is drawn incorrectly.
  • In Episode 95, a man is missing the insides of his mouth
  • In Episode 124, the beads on the front of Mistress 9's dress are gone
  • Sailor Pluto's Garnet Orb is shaped slightly different in a few episodes.
  • During Sailor Pluto's Dead Scream attack, around 0:02, if one looks closely, a gold star on her choker can be seen, which she does not gain until her upgrade in Sailor Stars season.
  • In the 106th episode after she cuts Hurdle's rope, the white part of Sailor Neptune's glove makes a brief disappearance.
  • In a close-up of Cyprine behind her desk in episode 116, her earrings are colored in with the same shades used for her skin.
    • In the same episode, when the Sailor Senshi leave the building with Chibiusa's body, Sailor Moon's gloves and odango covers are absent.
  • In Episode 126, part of Sailor Neptune's eyebrow is uncolored right before the fight with her and Uranus against Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon SuperS

  • In "Venus Crystal Power, Make Up" part of Sailor Venus's tiara is gone.
  • In episode 136, Usagi's right ponytail briefly overlaps Yuuichirou's shoulder.
  • In episode 139, Tigers Eye's necklace briefly disappears after capturing Miharu.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

  • In Episode 200, around 16:42, the stripe on the left side of Super Sailor Uranus's collar is missing.


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