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An Ohara
Ohara An
Japanese: 小原杏
Romanji: Ohara An
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Primary school student


Kurahisa Ohara (father)
Mimi Ohara (mother)


Rhett Butler (pet cat)



Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever
Anime Voiced By: Junko Shimakata (Japanese)
Kathy Laskey (English)
An Ohara is a young girl who appeared in the first season of the anime. She is Rhett Butler's owner. She lives with her parents and pet cat in Tokyo. She is mistaken by both the Sailor guardians and Zoisite, too be the Violet Rainbow Crystal's holder but was actually her cat.



Ah Ohara was taking care of her pet cat Rhett Butler, while she was home by herself. The Sailor Guardians tracked a Rainbow Crystal to her home and they assumed she was its holder. Rhett Butler escaped her hold to help Luna and she chased him down to an ally where she was attacked by Zoisite. It was then proven false when Zoisite tried to extract the Crystal from her, when it didn't appear, he soon realized that the little girl was a mistake as it was that white domestic cat of her's who held the Crystal instead.

The Sailor Guardians later take her back to her house where she was still unconscious and had her put to bed. The girls still believe she was the one carrying the Crystal but they failed to notice the Moon Stick wasn't responed to her like they thought it had easier or was sensing a Rainbow Crystal nearby.


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