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"I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for Love and for Intelligence! I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water, and repent! "
— Sailor Mercury's stock introduction

Ami Mizuno (水野 亜美, Mizuno Ami) is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Mercury (セーラーマーキュリー, Seeraa Maakyurii). She is one of the Inner Sailor Guardians and was the second Sailor Guardian recruited by Luna in the 90's anime.

Nomenclature & Etymology[]


Ami, the kanji for A (亜) translates to "Asia", "rank next", or "come after". The kanji for mi (美) translates to "beauty". So her first name could be either "Asian Beauty" or "Second Beauty" referencing how she is the second to join the team.

Mizuno, the kanji for Mizu (水) translates to "water" while the kanji for no (野) translates to "plains", "field", "rustic", or "civilian life". The syllable no (の) also indicates possession, so while the literal translation of her family name may be "water field" or "water civilian", others may translate it as "of the water".

Together, Ami Mizuno can mean "Second Beauty of the Water".


Naoko Takeuchi provided many additional details on Ami which include:



Ami Mizuno is a teenage girl who has short, dark blue hair that reaches her neck, and blue eyes. At times, Ami will be seen wearing reading glasses.

Like Usagi, she wears a standard Juban Public Middle School uniform. During summer, she wears a summer version of her school uniform.

Her primary casual appearance has her wearing a pink long-sleeved sweater jacket with a white long-sleeved button shirt with a dark blue ribbon on the collar, a cream-yellow long skirt, white socks, and black shoes.

In Sailor Stars, Ami also wears the standard Juban High School uniform like Usagi, Minako, and Makoto.

Sailor Mercury[]

As Sailor Mercury, she retains her civilian appearance but wears a gold tiara on her forehead with a blue gem on front. Sailor Mercury's dominant color is blue as her Sailor Senshi form is in different shades of blue. Her sailor uniform is blue with two white stripes to match her blue skirt and her knee-length boots and both her front and back bow being light blue and have a blue brooch on her front bow. She wears blue stud earrings on both of her ears. Her knee-length boots are similar to both Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto.

When using computers, Sailor Mercury acquired to wear blue goggles.

Super Sailor Mercury[]

As Super Sailor Mercury, her choker gains a yellow star within the center. A large, blue heart sits in the center of her front-bow. The bottom of the shoulder pads now has a short, translucent sleeve. Her left ear now has three blue studs. The back bow was enlarged and lengthened.


Before becoming friends with Usagi and the other Sailor Senshi, Ami was a shy girl who did not make friends easily. She preferred to spend time alone studying and reading books. In return, many of her classmates believed her to be snobby and arrogant because of her intelligence; even being superhuman as she always finished at the top of national exams. However, once Ami and Usagi became friends, the opinions began to change.

Ami is depicted to be a sweet, timid, kind, gentle, supportive, and loyal girl who is slightly insecure. In the beginning, she relies on the opinions of her mother, classmates, and teachers. As the series progresses, she becomes stronger and more confident. Ami becomes Sailor Senshi's strategist especially when it's during their mission and she is able to analyse the enemies by the next move. She is the most sensible out of the Inner Sailor Guardians and she dislikes conflict; especially the fights between Usagi and Rei.

Ami's parents are divorced; living with her mother in a condominium. Her mother is always working, leaving Ami to care for herself. She also dreams of becoming a doctor like her mother.

Her favorite subjects were math and science. She also has a secret love of romance novels and pop culture but is embarrassed to say it.


Ami was an only child who lived with her mother Saeko, a respected doctor, and her father, a painter. However, her parents would undergo a divorce, leaving Ami in her mother's custody while her father would become a freelance artist.

Ami longed to become a doctor like her mother and grew to be a very intelligent girl to the point of becoming a national genius. Unfortunately, her peers would become envious of her and mistake her shy demeanor for snobbiness, assuming Ami thought she was too good to associate with them. This alienation would cause her to live a very lonely life.

Sailor Moon[]

Ami first appears in the 8th episode where she is first mentioned the night before the episode's body starts by Luna when she goes to Game Center Crown to speak to a mysterious contact, later revealed to be Artemis. She asks for information on Ami after sensing a strange aura around her and suspecting her to be the enemy. The next day, the results for the mock exam are posted, Ami is ranked 1st, not just in the school but in the nation. Naru, Umino, Kuri and many of the other students believe her to be stuck-up and arrogant, which makes Ami sad. After school, Luna, suspicious, follows her and jumps on her shoulder. Usagi apologizes to Ami and, wanting to be her friend, asks her to come to the game center. After failing the Sailor V game, Usagi gives her a turn, and she quickly gets the highest score. However, as soon as she realizes that she is late for cram school, she hurries off, accidentally dropping her Crystal Disk in the process. Motoki finds it and gives it to Usagi, who goes to return it. after being stopped by Mamoru, Luna persuades Usagi to investigate the disk to see if they can uncover information on Ami using a school computer. They discover the brainwashing powers of the disk, and Luna, now sure that she is the enemy, returns to stop her. When she arrives and transforms, the actual Youma named Garoben. She tries to extract Ami's genius energy but fails because she hasn't been using the disk. Ami says that studying should be done on your own and that using the disk felt like cheating and frustrated, throws her to the floor and turns her left arm into an ax to chop off her head. At that moment, the symbol of Mercury is revealed on her forehead. Luna realizes that she was wrong; the energy she was sensing was because Ami was a Sailor Guardian and is Sailor Mercury. She creates Sailor Mercury's transformation pen and rolls it to her as she manages to avoid Garoben's attack while instructing her to say "Mercury Power, Make up" Ami, though shocked, has no choice but to oblige and transforms into Sailor Mercury, fighting Garoben with Sailor Moon and she demonstrates using the Shabon Spray attack on Garoben creating a mist which allows her to tell Sailor Moon to hit the youma who is unaware of their whereabouts with Moon Tiara Action and succeeds. From that point on, she would fight as Sailor Mercury.

During her missions as Sailor Mercury, she developed a relationship with Ryo Urama. He caught her attention as he was the first known student to surpass her on the Semester Exam, though it was through his psychic powers and not studying. Ryo was a reincarnation of the Seven Great Youma, which the Dark Kingdom tried to revive, but Ami helped to protect him as Sailor Mercury on two separate instances. After the second instance, the two were seen spending time alone.

She was the second Sailor Guardian to be killed by the DD girls when she sacrifices herself for using the Shabon Spray attack to stop thick fires. After the Dark Kingdom was finally destroyed, she, along with the other Sailor Guardians and Mamoru lost memories of all events during the season. She went on to live her normal life for two months.

Sailor Moon R (Makai Tree arc)[]

This arc was made while the anime creators were waiting for the next manga arc to be released. In the Makai Tree arc, she along with Rei, Makoto and Minako were taking audition for the movie only to be disturbed by the Cardian Minotauron which was picked by An and being summoned by Ail. When Sailor Moon was captured by Minotauron, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako had their memories restored by Luna and the girls transform into their Sailor Senshi forms. Sailor Mercury is the only one who created a dent of mist using Shabon Spray so that Sailor Jupiter rescues Sailor Moon from its grasp as both Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus destroys the Cardian with Fire Soul and Crescent Beam combination.

In Episode 47, when the Cardian absorbs all of the babies' energy and attacks Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter and both Usagi and Ami witnessed this as both transforms into both Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. They were attacked by the Cardian only to be rescued along with the babies by the Moonlight Knight. Sailor Mercury became angered from what the Cardian have done to the babies and unleashed the full extent of her powers by freezing it with Shabon Spray Freezing allowing Sailor Moon to defeat it with Moon Princess Halation. In Episode 50, she uses this move to freeze the cardian Bipierrot who is immobilized by Sailor Mars' ofuda to make Sailor Moon defeats it after the latter tries to destroy the entire stage play.

Sailor Moon R (Black Moon arc)[]

In the Black Moon arc when Chibiusa was introduced in Episode 54, she along with Rei, Minako and Makoto were knocked unconscious when she puts a magical sleeping powder on their tea which angers Usagi on her actions and tries to punish her by spanking on her butt which makes Chibiusa cry and her crescent moon on her forehead was lighted up. As soon as Ami decided to leave to Germany to become a doctor, she finally changes her mind as she rescues her friends from a Droid created by Berthier as she transforms into Sailor Mercury by using the phrase "Mercury Star Power, Make Up" and demonstrates her second ability Shine Aqua Illusion. Ami is the only one who teaches Chibiusa to take more studies when she spends time with them. Sailor Mercury's rival is Berthier one of the Spectre Sisters who manipulates dark water which is more focused on solidifying ice.

In Episode 64, after Koan was purified by Sailor Moon in the previous episode, Ami enters the chess competition after the owner of the chess tower requested her to enter the contest. She managed to get through the finals and faces Berthier (who now knows both Ami and Sailor Mercury are the same person once Mercury is forced to transform). The competition was disrupted as everyone transforms into their Sailor Senshi forms due to Berthier's motives to confront Sailor Mercury. They play the game of chess as in Berthier's crude rules where she will get frozen bit by bit once her chess pieces were checkmate. This fails when Tuxedo Mask rescues her in time causing both Petz and Calaveras disown Berthier for her failures. As she attempted to freeze herself with her powers, it was stopped by Koan and she succeeds in convincing her sister to change-making Sailor Moon purifies her with her Silver Crystal.

Throughout most episodes, she assisted Sailor Moon and the Inner Sailor Senshi to deal against the Droids summoned by Esmeraude and in their final battle against Wiseman by lending her powers along with Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus to Chibiusa, who is now transformed into Princess Small Lady Serenity, to help Sailor Moon, who is now transformed into her mother Neo-Queen Serenity, to destroy him with their combined powers.

Sailor Moon S[]

In some episodes, Ami is the only person who leads Usagi, Rei, Minako, and Makoto for their home study sessions. In Episode 97, after she and Michiru Kaiou competing for each other in swimming and became the third victim of the Daimons by extracting her Pure Heart crystal.

She later continued to assist Sailor Moon in dealing with the Death Busters. In Episode 124, She along with Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus created a Sailor Box to create a shield when Pharaoh 90 is about to unleash after Chibiusa's Pure Heart Crystal was extracted from her by Souichi Tomoe and being eaten by his daughter Hotaru Tomoe to become Mistress 9. The box they created is now broken when Pharaoh 90 is already being unleashed before Mistress 9 was finally destroyed by Hotaru as Sailor Saturn. She and the other Sailor Senshi borrowed their powers to Sailor Moon to transform into Super Sailor Moon without using the Holy Grail and her Pure Heart crystal was exposed on her brooch after Sailor Saturn enters the core using the Silence Glaive to destroy Pharaoh 90 and herself but was rescued by Super Sailor Moon and was reborn as a baby.

Sailor Moon Super S[]

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars[]

Throughout the following season, Ami is still trying her best to protect Usagi and her friends. She too, also meets the Sailor Starlights: Ami does not seem to take an interest in any of the Starlights. Well, other than Taiki. Taiki believes that science is much more important than love, friendship and basically the entire universe. That is all until Ami decides to make a change. In essence, this is one of her most powerful moments of the season, Ami eventually commutes Taiki's mind about 'life'. Taiki has warmed up to Ami, Taiki is also closest with Ami out of everyone in the Senshi.

Sailor Guardian Info[]