Ami's Father
Ami's Father
Japanese: アミの父
Romanji: Ami no chichi

Saeko Mizuno (former wife)
Ami Mizuno (daughter)



Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Act 40 Dream 2 - Mercury Dream

The father of Ami Mizuno. His actual name is never stated. He is a traveling artist who sends Ami paintings from time to time. He has a small role in his daughter's life and she loves him but also resents him for leaving her mother in a time where divorce was still taboo in Japan. His appearance is only known from one volume of the manga, where Ami sees him in an illusion placed on her by Fish Eye.

He was only mentioned in the anime in episode 24 of the SuperS season, where he sends Ami a picture of a mountain.


  • Due to Japanese family law, it is usually customary for a woman to go back to her maiden name after a divorce and for any child in her custody to bear that name. For this reason, Mizuno is most likely the family name of Saeko and is used erroneously when applied to Ami's Father.
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