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The "Amazoness Quartet" are the most powerful followers of Queen Nehelenia, along with Zirconia. They are a group of four young girls possessing Amazon Stones who work for the Dead Moon Circus.


Nomenclature & Etymology[]

In Greek Mythology, the Amazons were a society of Warrior women. Amazonite is a mineral which is also known as Amazon Stone due to it traditionally being found in the Amazon River.

Their individual names are obtained by taking the name of their associated celestial body in kanji, removing the final character, and repeating the remainder. It is the same in English except you remove two letters from "Vesta" unlike the others.


In the manga, the Amazoness Quartet are present from the very beginning of the Dead Moon Circus' arrival. In the beginning, they discover that the Sailor Senshi can no longer transform and, under orders from Zirconia, they send out the Amazon Trio to attack Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter. However, during each attack, the Sailor Senshi meet other versions of themselves and gain powered up transformations. They then attack the Senshi directly when Sailor Venus approaches Dark Circus, hoping to regain her transformation as well. Sailor Venus then powers up and with the help of the Outer Sailor Guardians, they hold off the Amazoness Quartet.

Sailor Saturn was able to tell the Amazoness Quartet were corrupted Sailor Guardians and attempted to free them alongside Sailor Chibi Moon. When they started regaining their memories, Zirconia arrived and sealed them back into the Amazon Stones and captured them alongside Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn.

Later, it is discovered that they are actually the Sailor Quartet, who were sleeping in the Amazon when Nehelenia found them and brainwashed them. They were destined to become Sailor Chibi Moon's sailor team and they return to sleep in the Amazon, saying that they will reawaken when she becomes a full fledged Sailor Senshi.

Later in the middle of the Stars arc, they return and join Sailor Chibi Moon in helping Sailor Moon along side Sailor Kakyuu. However, when they found out that the senshi were resurrected and turned evil, they were defeated by Sailor Mercury's Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and Sailor Mars' Mars Flame Sniper. After they wake up, they meet Sailor Cosmos. She tells the Quartet that she was Chibi Chibi and the Sailor Crystal were returned to everyone. After their conversation, the Sailor Quartet returned to the future.



The Amazoness Quartet in the anime

The Amazoness Quartet were playing in the forest when they found a dream mirror, which Queen Nehelenia spoke to them through, and began working for her when she gave them their Amazon Stones, to keep them young forever.

When it became clear the Amazon Trio could not find Pegasus, Zirconia sent them to eliminate the Amazon Trio. PallaPalla summoned a Lemure named Mr. Magic Pierrot to kill them. However, Mr. Magic Pierrot was destroyed.

From here, the Amazoness Quartet took over searching dream mirrors for Pegasus. They never had to look into them, however, as they were told that the dream mirror that contained Pegasus would be a golden mirror. They searched several dream mirrors and sent several Lemures to fight the Sailor Guardians when they tried to stop them, but all the Lemures were destroyed.

The Amazoness Quartet was always getting on Zirconia's nerves (though Nehelenia insisted she keep them around), often calling her an "old lady". They also disliked the idea of growing up, feeling it would destroy their dreams.


The Amazoness Quartet finding Nehelenia's mirror

Eventually, the Amazoness Quartet fought the Sailor Senshi, but were recalled by Zirconia and given power by Queen Nehelenia. Inside the circus tent, they gained the advantage over the Sailor Senshi, but when Sailor Chibi Moon called Pegasus, Sailor Moon defeated them. They survived, but Sailor Chibi Moon became trapped by Nehelenia shortly after, switched her around with a doll so they could ride Pegasus. They were unable to, however, and Queen Nehelenia imprisoned them inside mirrors in another dimension as punishment after finding out about the doll identity trick.


The Amazoness Quartet introduce the Senshi to the Dead Moon Circus tent

Queen Nehelenia returned them to Zirconia's room during Zirconia's fight with the Sailor Senshi, after Zirconia pleaded with Queen Nehelenia for more assistance because she was losing the battle with the Sailor Senshi team. She then decided to drain the Amazoness Quartet's power for herself to seek revenge on the Sailor Senshi team, seeing that she was losing the battle with them. The Sailor Senshi convinced the Amazoness Quartet to crush their Amazon Stones, and that this would not destroy their dreams even though it meant giving up their eternal childhood. The Quartet shatter their stones, thus breaking their connection to Nehelenia and allowing them to resume aging.

Without their Amazon Stones, they no longer possessed Nehelenia's power, but this also meant they couldn't be controlled by Zirconia anymore as part of the Dead Moon Circus, so they were now free to roam by themselves. After realizing that they were tricked by Zirconia and were about to die, and having realized that Sailor Moon was there to help save them but didn't have enough power to defeat the now powerful Zirconia and Queen Nehelenia, they decided on a plan to help Sailor Moon. During the Sailor Senshi's fight with Queen Nehelenia, they switched the Golden Crystal with a pineapple, and gave the Golden Crystal to Sailor Moon to enhance Sailor Moon's powers.

After Queen Nehelenia decided to leave Earth and return to her own mirror, the Amazoness Quartet decided to leave quietly without a farewell to the Sailor Senshi, saying they might see the Sailor Senshi again sometime and that this is "their style" of a farewell.


The Sailor Quartet: Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas, and Sailor Vesta rested in the amazon jungle awaiting the day they could protect their princess, Sailor Chibi Moon. Unfortunately, Queen Nehelania found them and cursed them into a nightmare and made them into the Amazoness Quartet, servants of the Dead Moon Circus. This robbed them of their dreams. They wield the Amazon Stones and hate the Silver Millennium. They work for Zirconia but fear her.

At the start of Sailor Moon Eternal, there was a total solar eclipse On April 1st during which the Dead Moon Circus invaded Earth on a ship. The Quartet announce their arrival which the Inner Sailor Guardians, Usagi, Chibiusa and Mamoru all hear. They set up their circus tent in the Juban Shopping District leaving advertisements around the city to attract victims.

That night, under Zirconia’s orders, the Quartet started work to take over Earth. PallaPalla set up a barrier around the Earth to seal it which robbed the protagonists of their ability to transform into Sailor Guardians and also prevented Chibiusa from returning to the future. The next morning, PallaPalla sensed Chibiusa’s failed attempt to travel through time and VesVes sent her animal Tiger's Eye into the city to investigate.

The tiger found Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. VesVes and PallaPalla confronted them sending Lemures after them which they stopped with Twinkle Yell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation. This made VesVes and PallaPalla retreat to observe their foes. They didn’t know who they were but PallaPalla used a mirror to read their minds and swapped their ages with Gyaku-Tama to mess with them.

Later, VesVes asked her animals Fish Eye , Tiger’s Eye, Hawk’s Eye if they would like to be human. Their enthusiasm got her to ask PallaPalla to make them the Amazon Trio. VesVes offered a reward if they succeeded in dealing with their intruders.

Fish Eye was first and PallaPalla convinced Ami to buy him at a pet store and bring Fish Eye home. That night, Fish Eye failed and was defeated and the age reversing spell was broken as the Quartet watched in the mirror.

On the day the Circus opened to the public, the protagonists came to patrol the area. After they separated, the Quartet lure Rei into a Mirror House trap where Tiger’s Eye awaited. PallaPalla sealed it shut with Tama-Yura though eventually Tiger’s eye would fail.

While Rei was trapped, the Quartet went to conduct the show. CereCere kicked the cats Luna, Artemis, and Diana out of the big top and started the attraction. During the show they performed and stole the energy of the audience. Sailor Mars’ escape interrupted the Quartet’s show saved the audience. This frustrated them but JunJun and CereCere wanted to be careful as they didn’t want their plans to anger Zirconia so they carefully planned their next attack which ended up involving Hawk’s Eye and Makoto.

Once she was captured by Lemures, the Quartet showed themselves with JunJun and PallaPalla gloating about her capture and CereCere and VesVes looking forward to capturing the others. When Jupiter broke free, the Quartet were surprised and escaped from Jupiter Oak Evolution leaving Hawk’s eye behind. This failure angered JunJun and CereCere as they went to regroup.

CereCere noticed Minako could not transform so VesVes came up with the idea of turning the circus tent into a trap led by Xenotime and Zeolite. JunJun tried to crush Minako with a rock but was foiled by Sailor Jupiter and later VesVes attempted to convert Minako to Dead Moon but was foiled by Artemis.  As a final resort, VesVes activated a trap door making Minako fall but she was caught by Artemis. PallaPalla used Tama-Arare to drop a bolder on Artemis but he survived by taking his human form. Their failure saw Minako regain the ability to transform and eliminate Xenotime and Zeolite with her Whip of Love.

After this failure, CereCere was not going to run. Instead she got PallaPalla to use Tama-Kazura to trap the Inner Guardians in vines. They gloated as they sent Lemeurs to attack them but were interrupted by the arrival of the Outer Sailor Guardians who freed them and they battled.

Zirconia saw they were struggling and came to aid them. She transformed Usagi and Mamoru into children. The Quartet ran and Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn chased them into another tent where they fought. Sailor Saturn was able to tell the Amazoness Quartet were corrupted Sailor Guardians and attempted to free them alongside Sailor Chibi Moon. When they started regaining their memories, Zirconia arrived and sealed them back into the Amazon Stones and captured them alongside Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn. She brought all of them to Queen Nehelenia inside the mirror. When Sailor Moon came to save them she sensed planet power from the stones they were trapped in, and Sailor Saturn collected the Amazon Stones for safekeeping before escaping the mirror.

After Nehelenia was defeated, Sailor Saturn requested Usagi, in her Neo-Queen Serenity form, to heal the stones freeing the Quartet who were revealed to be Sailor Guardians. Awakened, they shared their story before going back to sleep to await the day Sailor Chibi Moon would become a full Sailor Guardian.

From this point on, they were no longer the Amazoness Quartet and once again were the Sailor Quartet.

Sera Myu[]

In Sera Myu, the Amazoness Quartet first appeared in the second stage musicals during Kessen / Transylvania no Mori - Saikyou no Kataki Dark Cain no Nazo, where they also known as the Samael Quartet and had a different back story. They were Homunculi that were growing in Samael Flasks in Professor Tomoe's laboratory. They needed a pure heart to be given a soul and the Quartet had been created with Chibiusa's starseed. Since she was rescued their connection to her was limited and before they finished growing, Chibiusa's star-seed was removed. However, they did have mysterious dreams and visions of one another. The Quartet were at times under the control of mysterious Lilith of Darkness. With the friendship of Mandrake and because they were unconsciously devoted to Chibiusa, the spell was broken and they became the Sailor Quartet to help Sailor Moon in her fight.


  • The Amazoness Quartet, as well as the next group of villains the Sailor Animamates, are the only villains known to be Sailor Senshi in some version of Sailor Moon.
  • The Amazoness Quartet were the only sub-villain group in the manga and Sailor Moon Eternal that were never destroyed, rather they were healed by Sailor Moon and returned to their true forms as the Sailor Senshi of Sailor Chibi Moon.
    • In fact, they are the only sub-villain group to be redeemed in both the anime and manga, albeit under different circumstances.
  • In the anime, they added leggings to their outfits, probably for modesty reasons.
  • In the CWi English dub of the anime, they are called The Amazon Quartet.
  • In the Korean dub of the anime their outfits were censored with black tops underneath their existing ones.
  • According to the Materials Collection, they are four sisters.