The "Amazon Trio" are three of the main followers of Zirconia, and chief villains in the first half of the Sailor Moon SuperS anime and the beginning of the fourth manga arc, the Dream arc. The Amazon Trio is composed of Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fish Eye.


PallaPalla creates the Amazon Trio

Their role in the manga was more brief than the anime. All three were animals and turned into human forms by PallaPalla. The Trio had the ability to freely transform from their animal form into human form and the other way around. Each one was sent to destroy one of the Sailor Senshi while the Senshi were unable to transform. Unlike in the anime, the Trio were aware of the Guardian Senshi's true identities. Fish Eye went after Ami, Hawk's Eye went after Makoto, and Tiger's Eye went after Rei. They were destroyed after their targets had gained their super forms and used their new attacks on them.

The Trio seemed to be more feminine and flamboyant in the manga. One example of this is Hawk's Eye disguised in womens clothes at the store he worked at.


The Amazon Trio in anime (left to right; Hawk's Eye, Tiger's Eye, and Fish Eye)

The Amazon Trio were originally a tiger, a hawk, and a fish, but were turned human by Zirconia.

Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fish Eye were instructed by Zirconia to find the person whose dreams Pegasus was hiding in and by doing so, capture Pegasus. They would often look through Zircon's pictures of possible candidates in a bar at their circus tent, and choose one. One of them would go after their chosen victim, and extract their dream mirror and look into it to see if Pegasus was in there. Occasionally they would try to trap Pegasus, but fail. Whenever the Sailor Guardians came to stop them, they would send a Lemures after them, summoning them from their shadows.

Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye always went after women and summoned female Lemures while Fish Eye always went after men, and summoned male Lemures. Tiger's Eye targeted younger girls while Hawk's Eye went after older women.

Until Zirconia told them, they were unaware that they were once a tiger, a hawk, and a fish turned human by the power of a magic orb. They were also unaware of the existence of Queen Nehellenia until she told them and she spoke to them through the front of her robe, telling them that if they failed to catch Pegasus they would soon return to their original forms permanently.

Fish Eye discovered that Usagi was Sailor Moon and Chibiusa was the holder of Pegasus but when he told Zirconia he knew who it was, Zirconia assumed it to be Usagi and sent Hawk's Eye after her. After Fish Eye and Tiger's Eye left, Zirconia decided that their usefulness had ended. He summoned a Lemures named Mr. Magic Pierrot, which destroyed Usagi's dream mirror and aimed a spade attack at Fish Eye but Hawk's Eye jumped in front of him and took the hit. 

Tiger's Eye and Fish Eye gave up the power that made them human to restore Usagi's dream mirror and she transformed into Sailor Moon and destroyed Mr. Magic Pierrot. Tiger's Eye and Fish Eye died from giving up their power and all three turned back into a hawk, a tiger, and a fish. Pegasus revived them and turned them back into humans, and gave them their own dream mirrors. They were last seen turning into energy balls and being taken to a crystal forest in Elysion by Pegasus.

Sera Myu


The Amazon Trio as depicted in the Sera Myu musicals. From left to right, Tae Kimura as Fish Eye, Ryuuji Kasahara as Tiger's Eye, and Tsukiko Tamura as Hawk's Eye.

The Amazon Trio also appeared in Sera Myu, on Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS ~ Dream Warriors - Love - Into Eternity... and its revision and Armour Eternal much with more roles. Each of them were played by three actors, respectively, as Tiger's Eye (Ryuuji Kasahara, Akihito Mimatsu and Chihiro Ando), Fish Eye (Tae Kimura, Midori Ichige and Yumi) , and Hawk's Eye (Tsukiko Tamura, Hikari Ono and Riona Tatemichi).


  • At 22 episodes, the Amazon Trio lasted the longest against the Sailor Senshi.
  • While they, like the Spectre Sisters, take it in turns (sometimes going more than one time in a row) to search people's dreams, Tiger's Eye took his turn six times in a row.
  • The entire Amazon Trio arc was skipped altogether in the Korean KBS dub.
  • Due to censorship, Fish Eye was made female in several of the foreign dubs.
  • Their group name is likely derived from the mineral Amazonite, which is sometimes called Amazon stone.
  • In the manga, they served the Amazon Quartet, but in the anime they seem to be competing against each other, and they took orders from Zirconia directly.


Dead Moon Circus
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