Amazon Stones
Japanese: アマゾン・ストーンズ
Romanji: Amazon Sutounzu
User(s): The Amazoness Quartet
Used For: To perform tricks and attacks against the Sailor Guardians
Attacks: Various attacks (see list)
First Appearance
Manga: Act 39 - Dream 1, Eclipse Dream
Anime: Mirror of Dreams! Amazon's Final Stage

The "Amazon Stones" were 4 magical orbs given to the Amazoness Quartet by Queen Nehelenia.

They were used by the Amazoness Quartet to attack the Sailor Guardians. They were also used to forcefully pull out Dream Mirrors. If the stone was shot at a person, his or her Dream Mirror was pulled out. They also granted them eternal youth.

Only once in the anime, they were used to take Sailor Chibi Moon from Queen Nehellenia's view and replaced her with a balloon that resembled Sailor Chibi Moon.

VesVes has a red Amazon Stone. JunJun has a green Amazon Stone. PallaPalla has a blue Amazon Stone. CereCere has a yellow Amazon Stone.


After defeating Queen Nehellenia and the Dead Moon Circus, Sailor Saturn brought the Amazon stones to Neo-Queen Serenity, and used the power of the Silver Crystal on them. It was revealed that the stones were actually the Sailor Crystals of Sailor Chibi Moon's future protectors, the Sailor Quartet. Sailor Ceres tells Chibi Moon that when she finishes her training to become the next Sailor Moon, they'll be awakened again to protect her.

List of Attacks



  • Orb Shot
  • Tama Saka
  • Tama Yura
  • Opposite Orb
  • Controlling Ball
  • Rolling Orb
  • Creating Ball
  • Binding Ball
  • Tama no Kouburi
  • Tama Yobai
  • Tama no Koshi
  • Gyaku Tama
  • Tama Yura
  • Tama Musubi
  • Tama Arare
  • Tama Kazura
  • Tama Natto
  • Tama Sudare



  • Orb Shot
  • Ball Ball Attack
  • Sealing Ball
  • Tama Natto
  • Eavesdropping Ball
  • See-Through Ball
  • Tama Hagane
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