Japanese: アマンジュ
Romanji: Amanju
Aliases: Insectia (DiC English dub)
Aman (Viz Media English dub)

Makai Tree

Master: Ail and An
Death: Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation
First Appearance
Anime: After-School Trouble: Usagi Is a Target
Anime Voiced By: Mako Hyoudou (Japanese)
Elva Mai Hoover (DiC English dub)
Carrie Keranen (Viz Media English dub)

Amanju is the 11th Cardian that Ail sent to gather energy for the Makai Tree. She was the most insane of all the Cardians and refused to obey Ail's commands and the only one to do so. She appeared in episode 11 of Sailor Moon R.



When An began to lose energy, Ail sent Amanju to drain energy from Mamoru for her, but she refused to listen to him and jumped on his head. Without attacking Mamoru at all, Amanju attacked a cram school that Ami attended and drained energy from students there. She also came to steal energy from Haruna Sakurada and her date and was scolded by Ail for her disobedience. Instead of attacking Haruna and her date, Amanju drained energy from ducks. The Sailor Guardians (minus Sailor Moon, who was in detention with An) attacked her but she gained the advantage. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon to fight Amanju but was unable to use Moon Princess Halation against her, as An had drained some of her energy. When the Moonlight Knight told her to believe she had the energy to defeat Amanju, Sailor Moon destroyed her with her scepter.



  • In the Viz Media English dub, she is called "Aman." While in the DiC English dub, she is called "Insectia."
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