Japanese: アラン
Romanji: Aran
Residency: London, England

Minako Aino



Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: Sailor Venus' Past: Minako's Tragic Love
Anime Voiced By: Keiichi Nanba (Japanese)

Wally Wingert (English)

Alan is one of the many crushes of Minako Aino and the first to appear in the anime.


Alan has black hair and blue eyes.


Alan appeared in episode 42 of the anime, but only in flashbacks from Minako's memories. He was a man who lived in England whom she developed a crush on. Minako said that she met him about six months before when she was investigating suspicious Dark Kingdom activity in England. She fell in love with him and eventually introduced him to her best friend, Katarina, an Interpol police officer. Not knowing about Minako's feelings for Alan, Katarina fell in love with him as well.

Later, while Katarina and Sailor V were investigating a harbor warehouse, a criminal threw a hand grenade at Sailor V and blew up the building. Katarina believed that Sailor V died in the fire, so she sought comfort in the arms of Alan, who had arrived on the scene immediately after the blast. Sailor V had not died: she had managed to escape to a nearby alley. When she saw her two friends embracing, she realized that they were in love. Minako never told her friends that she was alive, and she quietly left England, thinking that it would somehow be better for the couple.

Six months later (during episode 42), Kunzite found out about Sailor V's friendship with Katarina and hoped to brainwash the woman to find out the true identities of the Sailor Senshi. His plan did not work, however; Minako was reluctant to introduce her former friend to the other Sailor Senshi. Kunzite caused Katarina to transform into a youma, who was soon healed by Sailor Moon. After the experience, Minako was able to forgive her friend and realize that things were as they should be: Alan was with the one he truly loved, and they were happy together



  • Alan only appeared in flashbacks during the course of the anime.
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