Akane Gushiken
Japanese: 具志堅あかね
Romanji: Gushiken Akane
Aliases: Sailor Director, Sister Angela
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Nun, Teacher, and Director


Three Lights



Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: Fighter's Secret Identity: The Shocking Super Transformation
Anime Voiced By: Sumi Shimamoto (Japanese)

Akane Gushiken is an anime-only character who appeared in episode 176 of the Sailor Moon anime. She was a new director who kept her personal life private, and she was working on a new musical with the Three Lights. Rei recognized her as a nun and teacher at her school who went by the name, "Sister Angela".

Nomenclature & Etymology


"Akane" means "madder red" or "brilliant red" in Japanese. It can also mean "angry child". The kanji in her family name means "tool", "ingredients" or "base" (具), "will" (志), and "resolute" or "strong" (堅)



She was a new star director who was very private about her personal life. When Rei met her, however, she recognized Akane as a teacher at T·A Academy for Girls, who there used the name "Sister Angela" (シスター・アンジェラ).

Akane was directing a new musical in which the Three Lights were the stars, but she was very hard on Seiya, demanding more of him than the others. She wanted to draw out Seiya's full potential, feeling frustrated because he did not perform the musical with as much heart as he did his concerts.

While Seiya was at the studio for an extra practice one evening, Akane took a break to get some coffee and was there confronted by Chuuko Nezu. Akane refused an interview, saying that she did not want her face to be on television and that everything she had to say she said in the works she directed. Annoyed, Nezu revealed herself to be Sailor Iron Mouse and removed Akane's Star Seed, at which point she turned into the Phage Sailor Director. After a battle against Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Director was turned back to normal by Eternal Sailor Moon.



  • In the Mexican dub of the anime, Akane spoke with a stereotypically French accent.
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