This page for the seventh chapter of the manga series. For the episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 7 Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask - (episode).
Act 7 Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask -
Act 7 地場衛—タキシード仮面
Japanese Act 7
Japanese: Act 7 地場衛—タキシード仮面
Romanji: Act 7 Chiba Mamoru - Takishiido Kamen -
Act: 7
Arc: Dark Kingdom
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"Act 7 Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask -" is the 7th chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 7th chapter of the Dark Kingdom arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Usagi learns that Mamoru Chiba is Tuxedo Mask, and learns why he has to find the Silver Crystal. Meanwhile, Zoisite uses videotapes to hypnotize the citizens of Tokyo.


Usagi awoke to find herself in Mamoru's apartment. Seeing the mask and cape on the couch, she realized that he was Tuxedo Mask. He told her his story of how he lost his memories in an accident that claimed his parents' lives and how he was having dreams of a woman who told him to find the Silver Crystal to restore his memories. Usagi finds herself letting her guard down and falling for him despite Luna's earlier warnings.

After seeing Sailor Moon's power, the Dark Kingdom believes that she might have retrieved the Silver Crystal. Queen Beryl uses energy obtained from humans to revive Queen Metalia. The Dark Kingdom sends out video cassettes to brainwash people into finding Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon breaks the Dark Kingdom's hold on civilians.

She is attacked by Zoisite who captures her and creates a barrier to prevent the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask from rescuing her. Before Zoisite can kill Sailor Moon, another Sailor Guardian appears and kills Zoisite. The new and Sailor Guardian reveals herself to be Sailor V with a white cat named Artemis.

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